Are You Emotionally Available To Your Spouse?

A recent study by Touch Family Services found that more couples are drifting apart emotionally and heading for divorces. Having a first child, unrealistic expectations of marriages and the stresses of modern society are among the factors blamed for the rise in domestic unhappiness.*

“The tenacity to work things out when challenges beckon is weakening and if they don’t get what they want from marriage, they will ask, why live with it?” says Dr. Terence Yow, a director of Reach Family Service Centre who conducted a separate study on infidelity in Singaporean couples.*

“Couples do not know how to be emotionally available for each other.”

It is for this very reason that Evelyn Khong, Principal Consultant at Family Central, shares with us her choice of international speakers Tina Konkin and the Hotsenpillers to be the keynote speakers at the upcoming Marriage Convention 2014.

“As a family life educator and having talked to lots of couples and parents, I have found it to be so true, We spent so much time and money in the early part of our marriage buying, building, renovating but after awhile, the store room of our heart is swamped by a lot of clutter that over time, contaminates the couplehood and married life.

Spring cleaning the house, yes but unfortunately we forgot or do not know how to spring clean the heart something which Tina and her team will share from the R3 factors to having a great marriage relationship.”

These renowned speakers will share secrets to “spring-clean” our relationships and get rid of the baggage that is preventing couples from enjoying the full potential of their relationship. Check out their credentials here…

Tina Konkin

Marriage Convention 2014 Speaker Tina Konkin
Marriage Convention 2014 Speaker Tina Konkin

From R3 R3lationship Help Centers, founding Directors Tina and her late husband Ron Konkin have helped thousands of couples heal from the baggage of the past and move forward into a healthy future by using the R3 principle REVEAL-REWRITE-RENEW. They have been interviewed on many television and radio shows and featured as keynote speakers at conferences, churches and seminars all over North America. Their Relationship Boot Camp, an intense four-day relationship and marriage help program and with a 100% Personal Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee is highly endorsed and also used by Dr. Phil McGraw, an American television personality, author, psychologist, and the host of the television show Dr. Phil.

Phil and Tammy Hotsenpiller

Marriage speakers
Marriage Convention 2014 Speakers Phil and Tammy Hotsenpiller

Phil Hotsenpiller is an author, producer, preacher, entrepreneur, advocate and coach. Apart from training and being an extraordinary speaker with R3 Relationship Help Centers, Phil is also the founder and President of New York Executive Coaching Group, a firm that has assisted numerous Presidents, CEO’s and other professionals to achieve breakthroughs albeit their work or personal lives. Together with his wife Tammy, they founded Influence, an industry for fashion, film and TV, music and art.

Tammy Hotsenpiller, the author of Taste of Humanity is a much sought after conference and seminar speaker. She has been the keynote of many events sharing the platform with experts such as Kenneth Blanchard, the late Zig Ziglar and Gigi Graham. Tammy is also a featured guest on many radio and television series and she is the host of her own show FM99.5 KKLA Radio in the United States.

* Sources: The Sunday Times, February 16, 2014

Check out the program and ticketing information here.

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