The Grander Gestures of Receiving Flowers

What is it about receiving flowers that puts you in a better mood?

When my husband and I were dating, receiving flowers on special occasions (birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries) were a standard issue. My younger self used to get a kick out of getting a call from my work receptionist that I have a “special delivery.”  And with the biggest grin on her face and a teasing twinkle in her eyes, my receptionist will hand over my bouquet of flowers.

These days I still receive flowers, but only on Mother’s Day from my kids. The chief engineer of this gesture is still my husband of course. And while the intentions behind the gifting of the flowers were true and meant well, the mechanics of giving the flowers have become a tad robotic.

I should first place a disclaimer by saying that I have no right to complain since I was the one who told my husband years ago not to waste money buying me flowers and rewarded him with a scolding each time flowers were delivered to me.

Still, each time a friend or colleague received flowers from their spouse, I get all sentimental and sappy about it. Do you get that way too?

Today, I was surprised by a beautiful bouquet of fresh Hydrangeas. It has been a hectic week at work and the kids were just getting out of their school term. I was wearing thin emotionally and physically when this trio of gorgeous pastel Hydrangeas arrived.

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They perked up my mood and instantly brightened my day. I went from frowning to smiling. I didn’t think it would be from my hubby as I am pretty sure I did a thorough job of brainwashing him from giving me flowers, but a part of me secretly wished it was him.

It wasn’t. It was a delivery from A Better Florist.

Receiving the flowers changed my mood completely. I felt instantly better. The fact that someone (even if it was not hubby) was thinking about me made me feel loved, important, appreciated and acknowledged. The flowers lifted my spirit and I felt refreshed and inspired. Not to mention that it made a beautiful centerpiece on the dining table.

So if you are about to tell your hubby to be practical and not waste money on flowers for you, let me stop you right there. There is a grander gesture to receiving flowers than wasting money. It convey’s the sender’s thoughtfulness of your situation and keeping you in their minds. The flowers expresses a continuation of the longstanding, non-verbal bond between the sender and you that is sweet and touching. A bond that is surely worth the price to upkeep.

Is there someone you want to send flowers to today? If you do, A Better Florist has a wide range of bouquets for all occasions. Use this promo code “ABETTERWELCOME” to enjoy $5 off your first order! Here is how you can place your order:

  • Choose which bouquet you want to send here
  • Select a time and date for delivery
  • Let them know where to send these blooms and they’ll be on their way!
  • Flowers are delivered between 9am to 6pm every day of the week.

A Better Florist offers same-day delivery as well as pre orders and deliver island-wide in Singapore! Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go tell my hubby I changed my mind about receiving flowers.

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