Canon Preserves Precious Family Memories For Us

When you become a mom, one of the things that transform you is this urge to document every moment in your child’s life. I am one of those trigger-happy moms. Don’t worry. I am talking about the cameras, not guns.

By the time, my first born turned one, I must have thousands of pictures of him. My profession as a mom blogger meant I have lots more opportunities to snap photos. More than just snapping photos, it was a way to preserve the moments and milestones of the children. I also wanted to document their growth and development.

But having so many photographs pose the problem of how to showcase them. One way was to arrange them and document these memories in photo-books. Another was to print them out, frame them and hang them on the walls at home.


Recently, we attended a fun family event hosted by Canon. It sparked a project idea to add to my wall of family memories. With the help of Canon’s EOS M10 camera that comes with a EF-M15-45mm lens, we documented memories from our trip on a cruise as well as my daughter’s birthday celebration at Wild Wild Wet.

Canon Camera Review
Kyana (far right) with her friends.

Mariner of the Seas

I really like that the EOS M10 was very light and portable. I could carry a smaller shoulder bag instead of my bulkier work bags and it was a lot lighter on the shoulder. But being light does not mean that it substituted quality. In fact, this camera manages to maintain the high image quality associated with EOS cameras, including a large 18.0 megapixel APS-C sensor and the fast Hybrid CMOS AF II auto-focus system to help you catch even more photographic opportunities.

Another feature that I really like about the camera is the Self Portrait mode that allows you to take selfies or wefies when you tilt the LCD monitor 180°.  The shortcut icon come on automatically when you tilt the monitor. To personalize the camera, you can choose from a selection of body jackets  (sold separately) to customize your camera and make it uniquely yours. The point-and-shoot camera is so easy to use that even my 13-year-old loves taking pictures with it. Now, all we need to do is master the techniques of framing the subjects in the camera.

Mariner of the Seas (235)

CANon Prints For Keepsakes

What do you do with all the photos that you take? Does it sit in a digital vault waiting to be released?  Remember the project I mentioned earlier? The last time we printed photos and framed them for our home was when the kids were preschoolers. It was time to add some updated versions of them on our family photo wall.

With the help of the Canon Pixma TS 8070, we revisited our vault and chose some choice photos to print. We decided on a sibling theme and because we were having so much fun, my daughter who had just upgraded her room to a teenage version, decided she wants some prints of her with her best pals.

Let me share a little about the printer. This compact wireless printer comes with cloud and mobile printing solutions. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is pluck it in to power up and connect it to your laptop and viola, you are in the business of printing.

Camera Photography

Like most printers in the market, you can print, scan and copy with this printer. Here’s what we like about this printer?

  1. It is really compact and could fit into any tight spaces. As you can see, we had our printer on a narrow shelf top. The AA4/LTR size paper is loaded into the front paper cassette, part of the cassette will protrude from operation panel for 35mm, thus saving lots of space.
  2. The printer comes with a Touch Screen LCD with Intelligent Touch System Panel  that is paired with an intuitive operational panel. It is a smart printer that prompts you of the sizes so you can change or key in the options of your choice.
  3. The printer is relatively quiet and operates smoothly.
  4. Your can load your photo paper in the rear tray and the plain paper in the paper cassette to minimize the hassle of reloading.
  5. The printing time was fast. A 4 x 6″ photo took approximately 21secs to print.
  6. You can even scan and copy the front and back of an ID card on a single page-side while retaining the original ID card sizes.

Canon Collage of Photos

Collage of Photos

The camera is available at S$549.00 from Canon’s online shop and the printer (available in black, red and brown) retails at S$249.

For those of you who are curious if there is a difference between the photo papers, you can see the quality in the photo below. What does make a difference is the resolution of the photos and the quality of the printer. Have fun scrapbooking or developing your photo collages.

Canon Camera & Printer

Thanks Canon for loaning us the Canon EOS M10 & Canon Pixma TS8070 printer for this project and helping us to create memories that we can keep.

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