Let’s Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia

My kids could not wait to go to LEGOLAND® Malaysia! So when the media invite came, we were all gear to go!

A mere 15-minute ride from Singapore’s Tuas checkpoint, the journey to LEGOLAND® is an easy one, guided by lots of banners and signs along the way. (Click Here for Directions)

Once we got to LEGOLAND® , we parked in zone 3, near the Mall of Medini. This is advisable especially if you drive a nice car like a Lexus, BMW or Mercedes. There are no security cameras, but because there are always people walking by, chances of any criminal activity to your car is minimized.

It’s a short walk through the Mall of Medini to the entrance of LEGOLAND®  Malaysia. Even though it was only 11am, LEGOLAND® was already abuzz with a healthy crowd (as you can see in the picture below).

Family Friendly Theme Park Asia
Entrance to LEGOLAND Malaysia

Tip: Buy your tickets online to avoid the long queue.

And if you plan on returning to LEGOLAND® multiple times, you may wish to invest in an annual pass (S$88 – 115). You can buy a day pass and decide at the end of the day if you wish to upgrade to an annual pass.

Family Friendly Theme Park Asia

We could not wait to get into LEGOLAND. Obviously, we were NOT the only ones – check out the LEGO figurines of the boy and girl by the fence trying to get in.

Family Friendly Theme Park Asia

And here are more life-sized Lego figures spotted around the park. We had fun posing with some of this LEGO figures. Click here for more visuals of these amazing figuresFind these life-sized Lego Figures at The Forestman’s Hideout.

Family Friendly Theme Park

We made a mental note to return to “The Beginning” where all the shops were, and headed towards LEGO City. The Boating School, Driving School and LEGOLAND Express were very crowded with long queues — waiting time was 45 minutes and 120 minutes respectively.

Legoland Malaysia family friendly theme park

We noticed that the rides in LEGO City were more suitable for the younger kids (3 – 5 year olds). My 6 and 8-year-old were anxious for some adrenaline action, so we pressed on to the Land of Adventure, Imagination, LEGO Kindgoms and LEGO Technic for some exciting rides!

Legoland Malaysia family friendly theme park

The waiting time at these stations were considerably shorter – between 15 to 25 minutes. Fortunately, at each queue, there was a fenced-in area where kids could build Lego pieces while they wait. That diverted their restless energy and kept restlessness and whining to a minimum.

Family Friendly Theme Park Asia

 That just left us parents standing and sweating in the sweltering Malaysian heat. The industrial fans offered some reprieve from the heat, but DO bring lots of cold fluids, sun block, handkerchief and patience –  there were some instances of queue-cutting from family members and friends.

Family Friendly Theme Park Asia

Weather is really HOT!! So remember to hydrate constantly — DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Tip: Alternate between your indoor rides with the ones outdoors.

Family Friendly Theme Park Build and Test – your creations are limited only by your imagination.

Most of the rides took about two minutes. As the day wore on, the queue for the rides reduced. We were able to get on some rides multiple times at LEGOLAND. At one point, it rained so the sheltered playground just before the Land of Adventure was a good hideout for us.

Check out our post on Rides in Legoland Malaysia for kids over 6 years old.

If you have young ones (below 6 years old), check out this semi-indoor Big Tent Playground that is sheltered from the sun and rain. It is a great reprieve to let the kids run around a bit.

Near this tent is a little haven that is air-conditioned for moms and dads to feed their kids and cool off for a bit.

After we were done with the rides, we hastened to marvel at the miniature towns in Miniland.  This is a great photography location and there are many roving photographers ready to help you snap memorable shots of you and your family at LEGOLAND®.

But keep an eye on your watch as you could easily lose track of time here. There’s still shopping to do before LEGOLAND®close. So back to “The Beginning” where The BIG SHOP and shopping at The Brick Shop beckons.

Family Friendly Theme Park

I was told by a LEGOLAND® staff that The Big Shop and The Brick Shop offers some exclusive LEGO products that are available only at  LEGOLAND® Malaysia.  That in itself is worth a trip to LEGOLAND®. Read more about my shopping spree here.

Honestly, one day at LEGOLAND® Malaysia is not enough. There is so much to do and so much to see. We will definitely go back again and I think an annual pass is definitely money well spent.

And we can’t wait for the LEGOLAND® water park to open in 2013. That’s another reason to return to LEGOLAND®!

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