LEGOLAND Malaysia: Rides For Kids

LEGOLAND® Malaysia is an interactive park that engages you at all levels.

As soon as you enter the park, your senses are immediately stimulated by the array of activities. With over 40 rides, shows, and attractions at this 76 acres theme park, there is something for everyone from two to 12 years old.

Being a family-focused theme park, LEGOLAND® Malaysia aims to please with playgrounds and tamer rides for kids under 5 years old. Click here for the rides and activities for your little ones. For the kids who are not so little anymore, they may prefer more exciting adrenaline-inducing rides. But rides like the LEGOLAND Express which is a train that runs through the entire park may be a nice reprieve after an exhausting day of excitement. Here is a rundown of the NOT-To-Be-Missed rides in LEGOLAND® Malaysia.

As with all theme park rides, age is not a prerequisite but height is. So, if your 6-year-old is bigger built and tall enough to pass the height test, he/she can sit for the ride.  There is a height “ruler” at each ride station to ensure your child’s safety. The general waiting time is 15 minutes, but it can be slightly longer. Waiting in line in the hot tropical heat, you’ll wish that LEGOLAND® Malaysia offers a fast-pass option like Disneyland.

Legoland Malaysia family friendly theme park

As soon as you leave “The Beginning”, LEGO City is on your right with rides that cater mostly to the younger kids. This Driving School caters to Junior (ages 3-5) & Driving School (ages 6-13). The queue on a Sunday was long, but we were eager to try the Driving School!

The waiting time was 45 – 120 minutes!

Legoland Malaysia family friendly theme park

Legoland Malaysia

We tried all the rides at the Land of Adventure, Imagination, LEGO Kingdoms and LEGO Technic! But roller-coaster rides are not camera-friendly – it was near impossible to whip out your camera while doing a 360-degree flip. So, I did the next best thing; I took pictures of other families on the same rides. Here are our favorites:

The Land of Adventure

The Beetle Bounce is not an exciting ride for the older kids but for the younger ones, it will illicit lots of thrills and giggles because of the bouncing motion.

Legoland Malaysia family friendly theme park

The Dino Island – this is one ride that promises to get you WET!! Don’t worry, you can buy LEGOLAND ponchos if you want to stay dry. But what’s the fun? There are body dryers nearby to air dry you within 5 minutes.

Family Friendly theme Park


This area of LEGOLAND is a good spot to break for lunch. From the heights of the Observation Tower, you get a 360-degree view of the entire park. Test your creations in the Build & Test area and then head over to the LEGO Studios for 20-minutes of enjoyable entertainment.

Your creations are limited only by your imagination. Test out your cars at the race track (left) with fellow LEGO builders.

Family Friendly Theme Park

Tip: These are great places to hide out from the scorching heat!!

Sit back and relax in the cool LEGOLAND Studio to enjoy the supreme 4D experience.

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia

Kid Power TowersThis ride tests the arm muscles of the riders and climbs to the top only to fall to the ground and repeat the action again!

Family Friendly Theme Park Asia

LEGO Kingdoms 

WE LOVE The Dragon ride! Possibly the best ride in LEGOLAND Malaysia!

Not for the faint-hearted, even the moms and dads will enjoy this ride. However, if this is your kiddy’s first roller coaster, you may want to test out the Dragon’s Apprentice first. It is a tamer and shorter ride than The Dragon with fewer spins and shorter heights.

Legoland Malaysia

LEGO Technic 

Some of the most exciting rides are here – Project X, Technic Twister and Aquazone Wave Riders! Check out the pictures and video.

Legoland Malaysia family friendly theme park Asia

I think we are a family of adrenaline junkies and did not feel that that “pumping” through our veins. The ride began with great promises and then slowed down with a series of spins, twists, and turns. Very much like the spinning cups at Disneyland. Prepare yourself for a dizzy ride.

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia

We are saving the best for last! The Wave Racers!! 

Click on the link to see what the ride is like.

All in all, the rides are very fun at LEGOLAND. A few friendly tips:

1. The queue gets shorter towards the end of the day (around 5pm). So, for the rides that you like best, you can go on it multiple times then.

2. The rides are shut down first. So mind the closing times and keep Miniland and shopping as your last activities in LEGOLAND.

3. Plan your rides – if your kids are 6 and above, you might want to start with LEGO Technics and work your way round to The Beginning.

Our visit was generously hosted by Legoland Malaysia who in no way influenced the comments or reviews of this post.

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