Tokyo Trick Art Museum Review

The Trick Art Museum in Tokyo had a very distinct Japanese cultural flavour, with ninjas and kooky scary gory characters. The Trick Art Museum is located in the same building, on a level above Legoland Discovery Centre.

Check out our pictures below as we moved through the different areas of Tokyo Trick Art Museum beginning with Edo Area, and moving to the Ninja House, Edo Sumo, Strange Tearoom, Haunted Mansion with Funny Japanese Monsters.

Tokyo Trick-Art Edo

Quick! We’ve got Ninjas in the room! 

Tokyo Trick-Art Ninja

 What is behind this door?


Holy Smokes! These Scary Japanese Art Are Awesomely FUN!!

Tokyo Trick-Art Scary Monster

Ok, maybe some of them are quite creepy @ the Haunted Mansion area with funny Japanese Monsters.

Tokyo Trick-Art Scary Monsters


You do not want to fight with you kids when they are bigger and taller than you!

Tokyo Trick Art

Oh my God! What a long and stretchy neck you have!!


Ahhhh! Give me back my hand!!

Tokyo Trick-Art

Oh no! WE got caught by the evil Japanese dracula?!

Abracadabra! Let me make my sister disappear!

Trick Art Magic

Sweet Sweet Memories

Trick Art Tokyo

Trick Art Tokyo Sweet Giraffe

Towards the end of the tour, there is an illusion area. Do spend some a few minutes there as they have some good ones, and the young ones will be fascinated by it. On your way out, check out the shop as they have some interesting souvenirs you can pick up.

Trick Art Illusion

Trick Art Tokyo

Opening hours:Daily from 11am to 9pm (last admission at 20:30pm)
Venue:Decks 4F, 1-6-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fees:Adult 15 yrs and above: 900 yen (S$11)
Child 4 – 14 yrs: 600 yen (S$7.30)

  • Children under three enjoy free admission.
  • Ticket are valid for one day of issue per person.
  • Ticket can not be refunded.

Tell us in the comments below which Trick Art Museum you like best and do connect with US on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. Join us next on our track to Mount Fuji and Fuji Safari Park.

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