Primary One Registration in Local Schools: Criteria & Strategy (2020)

Registering your child for Primary One is an exciting affair for the parents and the child. It can be also be a nerve-wrecking for parents who need to ballot for a place during the registration. In this post, we’ll share what you need to prepare/bring for the registration process and some strategies that parents employ to ensure their children’s enrollment in the primary school of choice.

When Does The Registration Begin?

Primary One registration for local school usually begins in July. Despite the new ruling that Singaporeans get priority in the registration process, parents still freak out at the prospect of “not getting into a good school” and the need to apply calculated risks is a necessary measure to ensure success in your primary school registration.

Primary 1 (P1) registration is conducted in several phases – Phase 1, 2A (1), 2A(2), 2B, 2C, and 2C Supplementary. These registration phases apply to children who are Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. For children who are enrolling as an international student, their registration for P1 is under the Phase 3.

What Are The Criteria Of The Phases?

Below is the definition of the different phases and the dates when you can register.


Description of Phase
Key Application DatesResult
Phase 1Sibling Advantage - you have another child studying at your preferred school.1 Jul, 9am
2 Jul, 430pm
Phase 2A (1)Parent is a former student of preferred school.

Parent is a member of the Advisory or Management Committee of your preferred school.
7 Jul,
9am to 430pm
13 July 2020
Phase 2A (2)Your child is currently in the MOE kindergarten under the purview of and located within your preferred school.
14 Jul, 9am
15 Jul, 430pm
22 July 2020
Phase 2BParent is a parent volunteer at the school from 1 Jul and completed at least 40 hours of services by 30 June 2020.

Parent is a member endorsed by the church or clan directly connected to the preferred school.

Parent is endorsed as an active community leader.
23 July, 9am
24 Jul, 430pm
30 July 2020
Phase 2CYour child is eligible for P1 and
not yet registered in primary school.
4 Aug, 9am
6 Aug, 430pm
17 Aug 2020
Phase 2C
Your child is eligible for P1 and not yet registered in primary school AFTER Phase 2C.19 Aug, 9am
20 Aug, 430pm
31 Aug 2020

Phase 3 Registration for International Students

International students (IS) can only register for Primary 1 during Phase 3 of the P1 Registration Exercise. This is after all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents have been allocated a place under the earlier phases of the P1 Registration Exercise. This is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Submit an online ‘indication of interest’ form via the MOE P1 website at the stipulated date. Those who do not do so by the deadline will not be able to register during Phase 3 of the P1 Registration Exercise.

Step 2: MOE will notify IS applicants who have indicated their interest via email in 3 months, as to whether their child can be offered a P1 place in a primary school. If a place is offered, the parent of the child will be informed of how to register with the designated school.

What To Bring for the Registration?

Registration for Primary One is different from previous years due to COVID pandemic. To enhance safe distancing measures and ensure minimal contact among the public, there will be no in-person registration at schools for the 2020 P1 registration. Parents may register their child online in a phase as long as they fulfill at least one of the requirements for that phase.

You can only register your child in ONE school at any phase.

According to MOE, multiple applications will not be accepted. If you have submitted your online application and wish to make an amendment during the same phase, you may submit a new application form within the same phase. In these situations, MOE will take your latest online application submitted during the stipulated registration period of the same registration phase.

If you have secured a P1 place for your child in a previous registration phase, you will need to withdraw your place from the school before registering in another school. Unless you have withdrawn your place, MOE will not process any further online applications made for your child and your child will remain in the school that your child had earlier secured a place at. You are to ensure that the child has been successfully withdrawn before submitting another online application.

Parents are encouraged to discuss well ahead and decide on their primary school of choice before submitting the online registration. This is to avoid the need to make any withdrawals or amendments which may lead to delays or missing a registration phase and as a result not getting the school of your choice for your child.

Balloting & Unsuccessful Applications

Computerized balloting will be conducted centrally by MOE HQ. You will be notified of the outcome through SMS on the results announcement day. If your application is unsuccessful in Phase 2C Supplementary, your child will be posted to a school with available vacancy. You will be informed of the outcome on the results announcement day through SMS.

All information is correct at the point of publication of this post. For more information on registration 2020, click this link here.

Best of Luck in this year’s registration! Let us know your thoughts on the digital registration below. Remember to connect with Us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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