Review: FREE Interactive Chemistry Workshop For Kids!

Calling all young scientists!! The popular interactive chemistry education program, BASF Kids’ Lab is back with two dynamic experiments: “UV Investigation” and “Where is Vitamin C”This interactive chemistry education program is designed for children, ages 6 to 12, to learn more about chemistry and science through fun and hands-on chemical experiments.

Want to know what they do at the workshop? Here is a review of my kids’ experience as young scientists yesterday.

Experiment 1: How much Vitamin C is there in food?

In this experiment, our young scientists investigate the amount of Vitamin C found in food. Each group of kids were given a tray that contained beakers filled with iodine, the basic testing agent, some lemon juice and green tea and other apparatus to help them with the experiment.

In separate beakers, the kids have to add droplets of lemon juice and green tea to the iodine solution until it becomes clear. The one with the least droplets is the one with the most Vitamin C. Can you guess which one that is? The result surprised me.

GREEN TEA has more vitamin C than lemon juice!

Chemistry Workshop for Kids

In this experiment, the kids learnt what is a chemical reaction. They also have to record their findings like a real scientist and conduct the same experiment multiple times to ascertain the accuracy of the results. For the younger kids (in lower primary levels), you may have to help them along.

Experiment 2: UV Investigation

You kids might not grumble so much about putting sunblock after they tried this experiment! Here they learn how different materials can protect them from UV rays. They will also create their own sun screen and observe how it protects them from the harmful sun rays.

Chemistry Workshop

First, the kids shined a UV torch on a UV detector to see the effects – it turned purple. Then they were given an array of materials such as plastic bags and newspapers to test if it offers any protection against the sun.

Chemistry Workshop

Next comes the fun part — making their own sun block with water and chemicals like cosmedia SPL and Uvinul Easy.

After stirring it, the kids commented that it looks like yogurt… My son asked if he could apply the mixture on his skin and he was told by the most senior scientist there that this is the most basic type of sunblock AND it is NOT completely skin-friendly yet.

I love it when I can share a great deal with my readers. Trust me, THIS is a fantastic deal. If your kids have an interest in chemistry, loves experiments and does not mind getting their hands dirty, this is the workshop you should sign them up for.

Best news is — this 1 hour 15 minutes workshop is FREE of Charge!

Registration begins TODAY! (click on link to register)

*Each session is limited to 40 participants.

WHO:kids 6 to 12 years
WHEN:15 November (Tuesday) to 20 November (Sunday)
TIME:4 Sessions per day
10.15am, 11.45am, 2.15pm & 3.45pm
WHERE:Ang Mo Kio Library, Programme Zone
4300 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, Singapore 569842

Over 200,000 kids have participated in BASF Kids’ Lab free education program since its introduction 13 years ago (in 2003). To find out more about how BASF makes chemistry tangible to kids through interactive experiments, check out their Facebook page: BASF Kids’ Lab Asia Pacific.

Your kids can also continue being a scientist online! Link to their Virtual Kids’ Lab:http://kidslab.basf.com/virtual-lab for more interactive experiments kids can try at home (under adult supervision of course).

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