Nothing entices a child to read more than a book that promises adventures with words and images that provoke the imagination of a young mind. Even more attractive if the hero or heroine of the story turns out to have the same name as your child!

Bookyboo offers such personalized storybooks where the storyline involves the alphabets of your child’s name. Created by founders Hetal Gandhi, the author and Neeraj Gulati, the tech brain behind this concept, Bookyboo aims to encourage reading among our generation of digital children. These books are ideal for kids between ages 4 to 8 years old.

When Bookyboo invited us to try one of their personalized books, my kids were regrettably past the ages of seeking their names in personalized books. But we could not pass up on this wonderful opportunity to share our love for reading with another child, their 6-year-old cousin Nathan who will be entering primary one next year!!

Bookyboo Review

When we presented the book to Nathan, he was excited to see his name featured on the cover of the book. And he could not wait to read his amazing adventure with his “big” cousins. We love that Nathan’s adventures were set in India as it shares a part of my children’s Indian heritage with their Chinese-Singaporean cousin.  Nathan will learn about the beautiful Nilgiri Forest, climb up the Himalayan Mountains, visit Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the World and meet special animals at India’s National Park.

Bookyboo Review

The adventure begins when young Nathan meets a fairy who needed to find a magical treasure which gives her special power to spread joy to the people on Earth. Our hero, young Nathan, agrees to help the fairy find clues to this treasure. Here is a snapshot of the clues and adventures he will encounter…

Bookyboo Review

At the end of the story, our hero realizes that HE is THE treasure! That He has the power in him to make this world a magical place! This is an uplifting and fun book that he can read over and over again.

Bookyboo Review
Bookyboo Review

If you have more than one child under eight years old, you may want to opt for the Fun Family Bookyboo – a personalized book for the family. Personalized books make for great party gifts or Christmas/birthday presents.

You can order your very own Bookyboo books at this website: at S$39.99 each. They provide FREE worldwide shipping. Our copy arrived 7 to 10 days after we put in our order.

Bookyboo Review

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  1. What a wonderfully meaningful book and token that siblings and families can keep and remember those family moments together!

  2. This is definitely a great book for bonding among family members. Will share this out with friends 🙂

  3. Reading a customised book with your own adventure sure sounds FUN! Bet the kids would be thrilled to checkout each chapter


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