The Incredibly Simple Solution to Your Kid’s Slouching Problem

Do you sometimes wake up to find that your child has grown taller overnight? My daughter went from a petite 135-cm to 155-cm seemingly overnight. As a result, she sometimes slouches and hunches when studying at her conventional study desk.

Between the ages of nine to 15 years old, your child will experience several stages of growth spurts until they are typically, around 17-year-old. Average height gain is about 7-cm a year during their key developmental years. While the height gain by our children is a cause for celebration for most parents, it also brings along some concerns, primarily poor postures.

Standard tables and chairs in our schools and homes are not helpful to our kids’ postures when their height outgrows them, as they become too low for our kids. This led to them hunching over or slouching at their desks during lesson time. Therefore, it is important for them to have a proper study desk for kids, one that is ergonomically designed and approved.

Don’t Let Bad Posture Hurt Your Kids’ Growth

There are numerous benefits to good posture – better breathing, circulation, frame of mind etc. The most important for your kid, however, is that it ensures their body develops properly in their key development years. That’s why we recommend investing in ergonomic furniture to help us develop good postural habits as they grow.

We recently came across ErgoBloom, a study desk and chair for kids, and we loved it!

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture That Promotes Good Posture Alignment

Invest in ergonomic tables and chairs that gently guide our kids to learn good seating postures from a young age. With fewer health issues like headaches or neck/backaches, coupled with a more comfortable and conducive study environment, your kids can focus better on their studies.

We love our ErgoBloom set from ErgoEdge. ErgoBloom is a study desk specifically designed for kids. Every part of the desk and chair is designed to suit your child’s needs as he/she grows. The ErgoBloom Table has an angled top that tilts forward to eliminate slouching and minimizes strain to the neck when she draws, reads or writes.

The desk structure is made of steel, so it is very sturdy and the 2 castor wheels on the back legs of the table allow easy mobility when you want to move your desk to a different location.

The tabletop is made of non-reflective material so your child’s eyes are protected. It also comes with several handy features like a sliding drawer under the table for easy access to her stationary, and a hook for her bag or her water bottle.

The Bloom Chair has split backs in the shape of our lungs (see picture below). They cup your back the minute you sit down. This customized support to the back helps reduce pressure from your back by 75% and we love it!

The seat cushion is very comfy, and the wheels are smooth and easy on your floors. The wheels are individual self-braking castors if you wish to stop your primary schooler from wheeling around the room. The covers of the seat and the backs are removable and washable.

You can buy the Ergobloom Table and Chair separately or as a bundled set. We brought the set as it is more worth it and it comes with additional features like the bookshelf that has a slide-out holder for her iPad or book. It also comes with a wrist pad and a footrest. See the features in the picture above.

This ErgoBloom set is suitable and proven to grow with your kids from 5 to 16 years old. The height of the table and chair is easily adjustable to ‘grow’ with your child to adulthood.

Price Chart

Ergobloom Table$500$550
Bloom Chair (one-size)$530
Bundle Set$780$830

Our final verdict? We love the flexibility and adaptability of this table and chair set and highly recommend it for your growing kids.


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TheErgoBloom is sold by ergonomic retailer ErgoEdge – who was founded on the mission of making ergonomic products accessible. Visit ErgoEdge’s website to buy directly or check out their showroom at the following address:

110 Lorong 23 Geylang, #07-09,

Victory Centre, (opposite Alijunied MRT)
Singapore 388410

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