Making Fresh Bread Everyday – Review of Songcho Breadmaker

We love the smell and taste of warm, fresh bread for breakfast. Something about the smell of freshly baked bread that invokes (for me) heartwarming memories of mom and home. Do you get that tug at your heartstrings too?

When Song Cho approached us to review their breadmaker, our answer really was a no-brainer. Of course, we said yes!

The Song Cho breadmaker is extremely compact. With a measurement of 26L x 34W x 29H cm, you could easily slide your breadmaker into your kitchen cabinet. It weighs between 500g to 800g so maybe keep it on a lower shelf or make sure the shelf is thick enough to hold the weight.

Song Cho Breadmaker

When we unboxed the bread maker machine, we found that the exterior of it was quite appealing. With a mirror effect on top and a silver matte finish on the sides, the breadmaker is a sexy machine to display on your kitchen counter.

Songcho Breadmaker

Inside the box, you will find the bread maker machine, bread barrel, measurement cup, measurement spoon, hook, mixing blade and the instruction manual in English and Mandarin.

Features of the Bread Maker

The bread maker comes with 18 functions! So you can make any of these bread: senior, basic, whole wheat, French, sweet, euro, gluten free, quick, stick rice, cake, dough, rise dough, jam, slow knead dough, fast knead dough, rise, bake, home made.

Some home cooks (like my husband) may get very excited about the different functions and the possibilities of the cakes, breads and dough that the bread maker machine could churn out. Others, like me get a bit overwhelmed by the many different functions.

However, once you read the instructions, the breadmaker is actually idiot-proof and very simple to use. Check out this simple video of our unboxing and first attempt at making bread.

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Breadmaking Process

Songcho Breadmaking

It took the machine about 2 hours to churn it out. Our first attempt turned out to be a blend of cake and bread and it did not rise as high as we hoped. But this is probably due to our inexperience and ineptitude with the machine.

Songcho Breadmaker

Songcho Breadmaker

More importantly, HOW does it TASTE? Luckily, we got the thumbs up from the toughest critics in our family. The crust was crispy but the inside was soft and fluffy. The cake was the right amount of sweet and tasted like cake.

Songcho Breadmaker

Our cake-bread was the star at breakfast that morning. Eat it plain or pair it with strawberry jam and butter. Have it with a cup of coffee (in the morning) or with your afternoon tea.

Songcho Breadmaker

Here are the technical specifications for your perusal:

  • Rated voltage 220/240V~50/60Hz
  • Rated power 450W
  • Power 50W
  • Heating power 400W
  • Max baking time 13 hours

Do you have a bread maker too? If you have any posts relating to baking or bread making, link up with me. Or if you have other amazing kitchen appliances you wish us to review, feel free to drop us a comment below. We look forward to connecting with you on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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