Review: The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s 43 New Sea-lections!

{Media Invite} The Manhattan FISH MARKET unveiled 43 NEW mouth-watering sea-lections from their menu at a media tasting event on Monday and I was there to partake in the food tasting.

Keeping in mind Singaporeans love for food and their diners’ evolving palettes and preferences, the chefs at The Manhattan FISH MARKET worked for months to perfect the menu and come up with these 43 selections. And there are some very innovative dishes that the food connoisseur in you might want to try.

This new menu will be available to the public from 12 November

I was seated with two other food bloggers, Adam Shah from The Halal Food Blog and Swee Geok from Make Your Calories Count. Hosting our table was Ling Ling from Ninemer Public Relations. We were welcomed with a drink called Happiness Infusion, I love this refreshing drink which has a ‘secret’ ingredient in it (shhhh… its Lychee. See if you friends can guess it correctly).


For starters, we were served Oyster Roulette ($7.95), oysters served in a shot glass. What is interesting about this dish is that all four shooters look exactly the same. However, one shooter is spicier than the rest, hence the name Oyster Roulette! Have some fun with your friends over this roulette dish.

The Manhattan Fish Market
Oyster Roulette – the oysters are of a large chunk! I got the spicier one and love the spicy, tangy taste of it. Make sure you have a drink nearby.

Like Onion Rings? Then you will LOVE The Manhattan FISH MARKET’S Onion Glory ($7.95)! The onion petals are cut in large pieces and fried in crispy battered onion strips, served with a special Onion Glory dip. We promise you will not view onions in the same light again.

The Manhattan FISH Market
Onion Glory – you will not be able to stop eating it.

Ocean Gems ($5.95) – This was a delightful, mouth-watering dish of sautéed prawns, scallops and mussels on a bed of fresh salad. The sweet and tangy taste makes it a nice appetiser teaser. 


Main Courses

For main courses, the chefs brought back the cod, salmon, ocean perch, hake and Cherry Snapper so you, the delectable dinner will have a wide selection of grilled fishes to choose from!

We were intrigued by the Fishy Chicky Bang Bang ($13.95). Here’s WHY: it is half a fish fillet and half a chicken fillet bonded with cheddar in the middle. So when you cut into the fillet, cheese oozes out between the two fillets. Having watched the Master Chefs cooking show, I wonder if I could replicate such a dish myself at home?

This interesting fillet sandwich is served with a sunny-side-up egg nestled on a nest of fried spaghetti together with house salad and chips. We were unwilling to break up the beautiful nest but thought we should see what fried spaghetti taste. It tasted like muruku – an Indian snack.

Media Tasting (56)

Our next main course made a dramatic entrance. The Flaming Cheesy Baked Rice ($15.95) is essentially a dory fillet served on a bed of Coriander and Rosemary Herb rice. This dish is flavorsome and will be a hit for those who like bake rice. Theatrics aside, it’s a kid-friendly dish too if your kids don’t mind fish.

Media Tasting (74)

The Ocean Perch Perfect ($15.95) is just PERFECT! I really like the spicy paste served on top of rice. It was very appetizing; sort of reminding me of sambal stingray with rice.

Media Tasting

Next, we were served Curry Hill Seafood ($14.95 with Tiger Prawns, $16.95 with Slipper Lobster). It came with battered veggie sticks and slices of crispy baguette for you to soak up the sauce. The bold curry flavor was inspired by the Indian cuisine in Murray Hill in Manhattan, an area where New Yorkers know affectionately as Curry Hill. Eat it while it’s hot!

Curry Hill


Despite a full stomach, we made room for desserts – Strawberry Flamin-Go ($4.95) and Super Fruit Crumble ($4.95)!

The Manhattan FISH MARKET
Strawberry Flamin-Go – Mango pudding sitting on chocolate dressed with strawberries and topped with lightly toasted marshmallows.

MUST-TRY Dessert — Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice-Cream ($7.95)

This dessert has been on the menu but remains one of the TOP sellers on the menu! The juxtaposition of the hot and cold; the roughness of the fritters vs the smoothness of the ice cream, plus the coconut milk swirling in your mouth collude to engage all your senses. One word for this dessert – SENSATIONAL!

Media Tasting (76)
Banana fritters on a hotplate with coconut milk poured onto the generous scoop of chocolate ice-cream,

Thank you The Manhattan FISH MARKET for the invitation and for hosting such a gastronomically delightful evening.  I had a fantastic time.

Media Tasting (6)

The Manhattan FISH MARKET has 16 outlets at these locations.

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