Malaysia LEGOLAND Water Park

Over the week-long school holidays, we snuck across the border to celebrate the LEGOLAND’S 5th Brick-versary Celebrations. Read about our day at the theme park HERE.

Despite the close proximity to Singapore, we have not had the chance to visit this water park. So taking advantage of the week-long school holiday, we visited our neighbour’s water park.

Legoland Water Park Family

Malaysia Legoland Waterpark

Here are some points to note:

  • The water park closes when there is thunder warning, so make sure when you go, it is not during rainy season.
  • This is a relatively small water park. Two to three hours should be quite sufficient to visit all the amenities in the park.  However, this IS the LARGEST Legoland water park.
  • The changing areas are relatively clean. Just make sure you have 20 ringgit for the lockers.

Click on this link for a quick video sharing of our time at LEGOLAND Water Park.

The first thing we did was to scope out the water park after we had changed into our swimmers. The first thing that caught our attention was the LEGO Wave Pool.

What was unique about the wave pool was the huge TV screen that repeated play trailers from the LEGO movies. You can watch the trailers while you soak in the pool or from the beach chairs on dry land. A word of caution though: if you have young kids, do be vigilant with the kids in the water.

Legoland Water Park Wave Pool

My kids are avid slide testers, so it did not take long for them to head off to the water slides. Unfortunately, on the day we visited the water park, some of the slides were under maintenance. We tested out Red Rush, but it seemed a bit tame. Unfortunately Twin Chasers and Splash Out were closed for maintenance when we visited.

Legoland Waterpark Slides

Legoland Brick Blaster

Build-A-Raft River

The next thing that caught my kids’ attention was the Build-A-Raft River. This is a unique concept where kids can customize their own rafts made from soft LEGO bricks before floating down the lazy river. Check out the raft throne my son built (photographed below). If your kids are not interested in building a raft, they can float on the many floaters along the lazy river.

Legoland Water Park Lazy River

Kids Playground

Your little ones will love this playgroup with multiple slides and lots of water sprouts. This interactive play structure in the wade pool where children can aim water cannons at one another. There is even a 350 gallon pail is nicknamed the Joker Soaker who

Legoland Water Park Playground

Legoland Waterpark for Little Kids

Gazebo & Cabana

Legoland Water Park Gazebo & Cabana

Legoland Waterpark Shoe Rack

Overall, this water park is the smallest one we had visited. The kids gave it a 2.5 stars out of 5 on our Water Park scale.  If this is your first time to LEGOLAND Malaysia, we recommend you allocate a 2-day stay. You can spend a full day at LEGOLAND theme park and half of the next day at the LEGOLAND water park.  Your kids will also get a kick out of staying in their favorite theme room at LEGOLAND Hotel.

Have you been to this water park? Tell us in the comments below what you think of it? Or do you have another water park you think we should review, share that with us too. We will love for you to connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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