Google Wifi Unbox and Setup Review

Today, we are reviewing the Google Wifi set. My son could hardly contain his excitement when he saw the box I brought home. You will know why he is so anxious to test out the Google wifi in his unboxing video below. I will also share the cool features the Google Wifi Set have in store for parents.

Google Wifi Launch

What is it about Google Wifi that is firing up everyone’s excitement?

You get Coverage throughout your home. Replacing the traditional single router with multiple “points”, Google Wifi allows you to enjoy wifi in any area of your home with affecting your Wi-Fi speed.

Connecting seamlessly to each other, the wifi points act as a router, producing a high fidelity signal for optimal device connection. Rooms that previously had zero or weak Wifi signals are now completely connected, thus enabling you to receive Wifi everywhere you need it.

How does it work? Google Wifi uses a “mesh” networking system so that your wifi remains seamless and connected even as you move from room to room.  (Picture below shows how a “mesh” network works.)

Google Wifi Mesh

It puts an end to dead zones at home and ensure strong and fast signals for all your connected devices. This is precisely the reason my son is thrilled to have the Google Wifi. In our home, the router is in the living room. When his room door is shut, the wifi connection in his room is weak or non-existent. Google Wifi is going to solve that problem for him.

Besides, look at the difference between the traditional router (black) and the Google Wifi (white). How sleek does the Google Wifi look? My husband and son practically drooled all over it. I think I’m going to have a hard time giving this review set back!

Google Wifi

Watch this video of us unboxing the Google Wifi and setting it up. Google Wifi is so easy to set up, your tech-savvy child can do it. Read on further for tips on how parents can use Google Wifi to their advantage.


Set up is really EASY.

Just download the Google Wifi app available on Android or IOS and follow the step by step instructions. Google Wifi is ready to use at your home.

Google Wifi Online

This is great news for parents who work from home or have to entertain conference calls from their headquarters or clients in markets that are not compatible with our timezones. Now, with Google Wifi, you no longer have to closet yourself in a particular room. Instead, you can move to the kitchen to get a drink or check in on your sleeping child without worrying about a disrupted wifi connection.

Google Wifi in the study

Here is a feature that all parents will like. Google Wifi app allows you prioritize the users in the household. That means that when it comes time for your kids to do their homework, have dinner or go to bed, you can set a timer that lets you pause the Wi-fi on our kids’ devices! That automatically locks them out of the Wifi range for the duration of time. *Clever Wifi*

Google Wifi in kitchen

From 31 August, Singaporeans can buy a three-pack Wifi bundle at $15 per month over 24 months when they sign up for or renew selected Starhub Broadband or Hubbing all-in-one plans. There is NO upfront cost. The usual price for the Google Wifi routers is SDG$597. These following plans qualify you to apply for a Google Wifi set:

  • StarHub’s standalone 1Gbps Fibre Broadband service
  • multi-service SurfHub
  • HomeHub 1000
  • HomeHub Go 1Gbps bundles

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