Travelling with Kids: Wild Wadi – Best Waterpark in the World

We have heard so much about Wild Wadi from our Dubai friends, we could not wait to get wet at this waterpark! And boy, did Wild Wadi deliver!

An amazing water concept theme park, Wild Wadi Waterpark promises to challenge the bravest soul and guarantees their visitors an adrenaline rush with their multiple-slides, twists and turns, aquatic roller coaster and gravity defying water accouterments.

The entrance to Wild Wadi Waterpark is flanked by a Fossil Rock and Waterfall. Every 30 minutes, the taller Fossil Rock pours torrents of water down its furrows and threatens to submerge the serene entrance in a dramatic and sweeping manner. The downpour shocks the unsuspecting visitor (me) with its monsoon like rush of water that threatens to sweep you into the flowing pool below.  It’s harmless of course, but still gave me an initial shock the first time I encounter it. (Now, I know how victims of impending Tsunami feel.)

For the longest time, our youngest had to sit on the sidelines as she could not ride on most rides because of her height. At Wild Wadi Waterpark, the height limitation is 1.1m for the kids. And YAY, she passes the mark.

Family Travels With Kids Dubai

Height limit at Wild Wadi – 1.1m

Our first ride was the Flowrider which was right near the entrance. There are two kinds of rides to choose from — the Wipeout or the Riptide. Both are equally good and if you have not surfed before, this is a good initiation into the sport of water surfing. If you have been to Wave House at Sentosa or Splash N Turf at Singapore Sports Hub (Kallang), you will know what the Flowrider is.

Family Travels With Kids Dubai
Wipeout & Riptide Flowrider

Next we headed for the White Water Wadi (Master Blaster) that connects 11 slides! Yup, you heard me right. It was exhilarating! After this, the Flood River Flyer (Master Blaster) with SIX (6) connecting slides was an easy but still exhilarating ride.

Dubai Family Travel With Kids
Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai –

The Jumeirah Sceirah is an adrenaline pumper and definitely not for the faint-hearted! To be honest, I chickened out of this one. First of all, you climb up a tower of steps to about six or seven floors up! Then you get into a capsule; the attendant shuts it, counts 3-2-1, then the floor below you falls away and you drop-slide down within a matter of SECONDS!

Family Travel Dubai with kids

My kids (aged 6 and 8) tried it ALONE and when they were flushed down the pipes, they were PUMPED! Many adults I spoke to are intimidated by this ride.

Family Travels With Kids Dubai
Check out the elated faces after “conquering” Jumeriah Sceirah.

We also tried and screamed our lungs out at Falcon Fury and Tunnel of Doom. And then, there were the “biggies” – the Jumeirah Sceirah, the Tantrum Alley andthe Burj Surj.

At the kids’ urging and persuasion, I climbed into the four-seater floating ring to join them for the rides at the Tantrum Alley (picture below) and the Burj Surj. It was incredibly FUN to scream as a family, although I must admit that the ride on Burj Surj was a tad too challenging for me. I turned white as a sheet and my hubby had to pry my fingers off the handle bars on the float after the ride was over. Let’s just say I’m glad I survived to write about it.

Younger kids or children below 1.1m in height are not forgotten at Wild Wadi. There are many rides and attractions – Breaker’s Bay (Wave Pool),  Juha’s Jouney (Lazy River),  Juha’s Dhow & Lagoon (Family Play Area) that allow parents to accompany them. These are also very good places for the older kids to take a breather from the adrenaline rush rides and simply spray, splash, soak, drench and get wet under the shower buckets.

Family Travels With Kids Dubai
Time to get wet at Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai.

Some final thoughts – we went in December when the weather turns a bit chilly especially towards the late afternoon/early evening. But the water in the pools are temperature-controlled so you stay warm in the water. Just make sure you have a towel handy when you get out of the water.

Wild Wadi also has a cashless payment system that stores electronic credits which allows you to buy whatever you need in the park – food, drinks, towels and even lockers. A nifty waterproof wristband is all you need. Carry a waterproof camera with you to capture some of the fun memories. Trained and experienced lifeguards are at every station to ensure your safety; all you have to worry about is how much fun you can have.

Wild Wadi Waterpark is definitely a MUST-VISIT on your travel agenda to Dubai. I echo my kids when I am asked to describe Wild Wadi Dubai – IT IS SUPER AWESOME!! For directions to Wild Wadi Waterpark, their operating hours and entrance fees, Click HERE.

Our visit was generously hosted by Wild Wadi who in no way influenced the comments or reviews of this post.

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