Have you got your blue band yet? 

Is it PC (politically correct) for me to say that I am a little jealous over so much to do over the celebration of fathers? While Mother’s Day has come and gone with that ONE day of celebration, the nation is now dedicating a WHOLE month (30 days!) to celebrate daddies with deals and gifts.

Ok, I will not be a spoil sport. I love my dad and the father of my children is a really involved dad. FINE, LET’S CELEBRATE THEM!

Celebrating Fathers.Wristbandpng

Over 700,000 of this Dads for Life wristband in a special “My Dad for Life Kit” has been distributed to school children to give to their fathers. Inside the kit is also a Father’s Day card that the kiddos can personalize a message for their dads.

Another 150,000 kits will be distributed directly to fathers in the community. This nation-wide “Celebrating Fathers” initiative aims to acknowledge the importance of the roles that fathers and father figures play in the family and to encourage dads to play more active roles in parenting. (more on this in the next post).

Deals for Dads

The wristband is not just to look pretty on dads wrist. It will entitle fathers to exciting deals at over 200 merchant locations island-wide, including dining, shopping and fun activities. These deals are offered by over 40 community partners supporting the “Celebrating Fathers” initiative.

See, I’ve got my children’s father to “model” the wristband in this pic. Get it. Wear it.

Celebrating Fathers (2)

Check out the deals for Dads on this LINK.

Spot The Dads

No, seriously. Get your dads to wear the wristband especially at these locations, on these dates and times! The Dads spotted wearing the blue wristband will receive a token of appreciation in recognition of their contributions to the families.

Volunteers from the Dads Spotting Community Movement will be out on the streets to spot fathers wearing the wristbands. Help get your dad spotted by taking your fathers to “Dads Spotting” events.

Celebrating Fathers

Dads Day Out 

On the BIG DAY, 19th June (Father’s Day), bring dad to a special event called Dads’ Day Out held at the OCBC Square at the Singapore Sports Hub, where lots of fun-filled activities that promote father-child and family bonding are planned. There will also be stage games and appearances by favourite Mediacorp artistes. The event is FREE for all.

Date:19 June 2016 
Singapore Sports Hub, OCBC Square
Opening Hours:9am -6pm 
Admission Fees:FREE

Register for the event today!

For more information on Dads Day Out, click HERE (this promotion has ended).

To round off the month-long celebrations, the Families for Life Council will organise a picnic on 25 June as a finale to the “Celebrating Fathers” initiative. So, mark these dates on your calendar and enjoy the month of June with your fathers. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there!!

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Till our next post, love yourself, love one another.

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  1. The daddies certainly deserves more celebration! Hope to get the band soon!

  2. Oh yes, I got the wristband from one of the parenting events for my hubby! Just like Mother’s Day, we have to celebrate Father’s Day too with equal jubilation.

  3. So cool! I tried looking around to see how we can get that blue band, but nothing much has been said in the link. Looking forward to your next post to see if I can get one for my hubby, and also enjoy the treats together with him. :p

    1. Hi Jacqualine, yes you are right. My kids received theirs from school for their fathers so I have an extra one. If you PM me, I can send it to you for your hubby. 🙂

  4. I had the same initial thought as you. Why are there no bands for mothers? Hahaha!! But I guess this initiative is pretty good as most of the times, daddies get the back seat even though they are just as hands on. And some of the deals are pretty good!

  5. Great share 🙂 I saw the cheekiemonkie post on this last night and got my husband to wear it this morning hahah

  6. We received one from my daughter’s school and it says on the envelope to keep it a secret until a certain date, which I have totally forgotten about until reading your post. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Same here, forgotten about it, thanks for your reminder. Now I have to start finding and get hub to wear it 🙂

  8. My husband has been wearing this band and we don’t know what its all about!! LOL!!! We are such noobs!! Lucky I came to this blogpost 🙂 Gonne ask him to check it out.

  9. My girl brought one home from school and we already asked the daddy to wear it and enjoy his privileges. Dads definitely deserve grand celebrations on Father’s Day as much as Mums get on Mother’s Day!

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