Best Eye-Care Monitor for Students To Study and Play (Review)

Once your child hits the secondary school circuit, technology and laptops become ubiquitous in their lives. Laptops are a school essential to submit assignments to their teachers (online or printed copy), write essays, do research for school projects, create posters for science fairs, and even create PowerPoint presentations.

Those who are leaders in their CCAs (co-curricular activities) use the laptop to draft proposals for outing day or bonding day and make requests for their CCA’s budget etc.

To encourage students to learn on a digital platform, the Ministry of Education (MOE) launched a new initiative called the Student Learning System (SLS). Students can visit this education service portal to review revision materials like notes and videos provided by MOE. On designated e-learning days, students log on for their assignments. Teachers also use this portal to post answers to the practice papers they assigned their students to practice on.

Our teenagers also use the laptop for entertainment purposes like watching YouTube videos and TV series on Netflix. If your kids are gamers like my son, playing video games are part and parcel of their relaxation time.

Bigger, Better, BenQ Eye-Care Monitor

Long hours of looking at his small laptop screen causes eye strain and tired eyes. My son also complained of regular headaches as a result of prolong usage on his laptop. Concerned about his health, we decided to get him a monitor so that he has a larger surface area to view his work and we hope will reduce the complains of eye strains and headaches.

We chose the BENQ Eye-care monitor because it is especially designed with students in mind. Since he started using the BenQ Eye-care Monitor, he has not had any headaches (which was our major concern). This model, GW2480T, has an ergonomic design that can be customized for height, tilt, pivot, and swivel, which makes it ideal to fit your child better at different stages of growth.

Best Monitor For Students To Study With

As a visual learner, and “someone who cares about the quality of the content that he is consuming or viewing”, my son loves that the BenQ Eye-care monitor screen comes in 144 hertz. This means that the content on the monitor screen offers vibrant colours and according to him, are much more appealing to watch.

His laptop screen refresh rate is only 60 hertz and does not have a lot of saturated colors. So, watching any movies or videos on his screen is “very dull and boring”. With the new monitor screen, watching educational videos for history or science is now more appealing and enjoyable.

The BenQ Eye-care monitor has a matte display, which means that it has minimal light reflection and therefore easier to look at during the daytime when there is a lot of natural light. The matte display also allows more viewing angles unlike the glossy screens that many laptops have.

Another feature that my son loves is the Height Adjustment Stand (HAS) that allows the screen height to be adjusted so that it allows for optimal viewing angle. You can place the monitor on different table and chair heights and adjust it to the growing student’s comfort. You can also tilt the screen to be horizontal or vertical, although he confesses that as a student, there are not many uses for a vertical screen.

Eye-care technology for eye comfort

Like most students, he does his study or read online in the evenings. During the night, you don’t want the screen to be too bright because it is very harmful to your eyes in a low light environment.

Thus, the light sensor on the monitor, equipped with Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+ Tech.) automatically changes the brightness of the screen according to amount of light in the surroundings so it does not strain the eyes. The blue light filter is very useful for long-time computer work because it does not hurt his eyes and makes it dry. It offers four modes: multimedia, web surfing, office and reading.

Working on his laptop, my son needed to take frequent breaks due to his eye discomfort. The conventional LCD screens flicker at the rate of 250 times per second, which is invisible to naked eyes. BenQ’s monitors are equipped with flicker-free technology which reduces the pressure on the eyes as well as eye fatigue from looking at a screen for a long time. This allows my son to work longer on his laptop without comprising on the health of his eyes or display quality.

This monitor is specially fitted with a Colour Weakness Mode that offers two built-in colour filters (red and green) to help students with colour deficiency or colour blindness recognize the colours.

Overall, my son is tremendously happy to have this BenQ monitor. It is versatile and very compatible with his student’s lifestyle. The BenQ GW2480T 24-inch Eye-Care Monitor retails at $269. If you are keen on getting one for your child, you can get it online or at any department store.

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