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In the Asian culture where having helpers are prevalent, kids doing household chores seem like such an old fashion notion. I remember during my growing up years, my sister and I did most of the heavy lifting in the household chores while my brother was allowed to play. And I remembered that girls were expected to take home economics classes in school.

Lucky for me, I had a forward-thinking principal in my school who allowed my class, the first batch in secondary one to have a choice between technical studies (with the boys) and home economics. I chose the former as I figured that since mom was doing such a bang-up job training me in housekeep, I could always pick up some cooking skills later. So with 5 other school mates, we would track to a boys’ school once a week to learn technical skills.

Today, as a parent of a boy and girl, I have no qualms getting both of them to do household chores. My kids started doing simple household chores like making the bed and putting away toys at five years old. At that age, imitating mommy “at work” at home was fun. Loading the clothes into the washer, sweeping and mopping the floor are all part of play-time, if mom does not mind the splashing and doing a spot of re-cleaning AFTER their household chores.

Housework and chores for kids

As they aged, my kids have better control over their “motor skills” and the dishes actually gets washed in the kitchen sink and the living room floor actually feels cleaned. My daughter shows some a natural inclination in the kitchen realm while my son remains non-committed and an occasional bribe of extra digital time is still needed to persuade him to clean his own room. But this does not worry me. What I am more concerned with are the chemical compounds found in the cleaning detergent and the reaction to my kids’ delicate skin.

Housework and chores

Recently, I was introduced to Pipper Standard’s range of household cleaning products known for their child-friendly properties. Made from natural pineapples, Pipper Standard products are free of known allergens and are certified hypoallergenic and non-irritation by Dermscan Asia. That’s great news for parents and kids with sensitive skin.

Families with babies or young children can also rest easy knowing that these products help create a healthy environment for them to grow in AND it is safe for our youngsters to clean with.

Pipper Standard Household Cleaning Products

The Pipper Standard product range is developed by Peter Wainman, the Chairman and CEO of Equator Pure Nature, who suffered a severe allergic reaction to the chemicals commonly found in laundry products when he first moved to Asia. After four years of research and development, he created a winning formula fluid derived from a pineapple fermentation process that yields natural organic acids, natural enzymes, natural preservatives and biosurfactants that allow their products to clean as well as, if not better than other chemical products.

Environmentalists will also like that Pipper Standard’s products are environmentally-friendly and eco-sustainable and contain NO toxins and NO petrochemicals and are free of any known allergens!

I find chores to be a great way to teach my kids about discipline and work processes – things done in a correct manner yields the right outcome. Here are some simple household chores that my kids undertake.

Washing Dishes

Your hands will not dry up or get itchy with Pipper Standard’s dish washing liquid. In fact, you can even use it to wash fruits and vegetables! Just simply dilute a few pumps of dish washing liquid into water and soak the fruits and vegetables for 10 minutes. Their dish washing liquid contains no harmful preservatives, no dyes, no fragrances as the main ingredients are derived from plants.

Mopping Floors

Pipper Standard Household products

I love the feeling of clean floors at home. Even more so when my kids were small and love playing on the floor. We love the refreshing and relaxing aroma after cleaning. This is left behind by the 100% lavender natural essential oils in Pipper Standard’s Floor floor cleaner.


This is another easy household chore for the kids to execute. All they have to do is toss the clothes in the washing machine and pour in the right amount of laundry detergent and fabric softener.

Pipper Standard Laundry

The pipper Standard laundry detergent is natural, hypoallergenic-certified, non-irritation certified and safe for the entire family including babies and those with sensitive skin. The scent of the fermented pineapple fluid is a bit strong in Pipper Standard laundry detergent but the clothes feel and smell clean.

I like to see the clothes swished around in soapy, foamy wash as I equate that to cleaner laundry. But that is a common misconception as less foam cleans just as well and makes for easier rinsing. Furthermore, most detergents in the market add harmful chemicals like sulfates and chemically derived surfactants, such as SLS, LAS or SLES to create a foaming effect. These chemicals remain in the clothing and can cause skin irritation in the form of peeling, dry or itchy skin, rash or scaling, particularly for those who are prone to allergy.

I like my clothes to dry in the sun but with the regular thunder storms these days, our clothes spend more time in our laundry room. Unfortunately, sometimes it leaves an unpleasant damp smell on our clothes. However, we noticed that when we use Pipper Standard laundry detergent, we could dry our clothes indoors/with no sunlight and it does not leave a mouldy or damp smell.

The reason? Damp smells usually occur when bacteria attaches to the chemical molecules stuck in your clothes from chemical laundry detergents or fabric softener. Since Pipper Standard laundry detergent contain no chemicals, it will leave no damp smells.

Pipper Standard fabric softener does not use quats (quaternary ammonium compounds – a petrochemical), but instead use a blend of their fermented pineapple fluid and soy lecithin which naturally softens the fabric and prevent static cling without using any harsh chemicals.

Exposure to quats can act as a catalyst to developing allergies and/or asthma. Many parents may be surprised to know that chemical fabric softeners and even some that claim are natural may use Quaternium-15, formaldehyde and formalin, which are all well known for being toxic.  Exposure to these chemicals can lead to health and respiratory issues.

Cleaning Bathroom

This is our latest addition to the household chores as we feel our tween and teen are ready for a bit more dirty work. Pipper Standard bathroom cleaner is tough on soap scum, stains and other buildup in showers, sinks, bathroom floors and toilets by harnessing natural pineapple power. It is effective without any unpleasant lingering odors or harsh scents. It also doesn’t contain any harsh acid, such as hydrochloric acid which can affect respiration and definitely irritate your skin! It did not irritate eyes, skin or nose and can be touched directly.


Having tried Pipper Standard’s Cleaning range, we are happy to give away to TWO lucky readers (one on FB and one on instagram) a Pipper Standard Multipurpose Cleaner to try.

This multipurpose cleaner uses natural enzymes and fermented pineapple fluid to enhance the cleaning ability. It tackles all types of dust, dirt and grime that your kids may be bringing in from outside play or even indoor spills! It is natural and safe to use on surfaces meant for small children like wood, ceramic, aluminum. You can even clean toys that your children play with and it is even safe to use on computers or car consoles!

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