Birthday Party @ Wild Wild Wet Waterpark

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see the brilliant smiles on my daughter’s face and hear her squeal in delight. So on her 8th birthday, we surprised her with a birthday visit to the Wild Wild Wet Waterpark!

Wild-Wild-Wet Entrance

The day we visited was a bit of an overcast day. There was no sun. But there was no rain either. It was a Friday afternoon and the waterpark was surprisingly deserted. I can only guess that the waterpark had just reopened and not many people knew that.

Once inside, we head to the lockers to store our belongings. This waterpark is about 10 years old. It is not as spanking new as Adventure Cove on Sentosa; expect some wear and tear.

Wild-Wild-Wet Canteen

You can bring your own food but why bother when there are plenty of choices when it came to fast food — burgers, pizzas, hotdogs. Also, Downtown East is just outside the waterpark with more food options and restaurant choices.

Wild-Wild-Wet Food

There is a huge seating area outside the locker rooms for you to enjoy your meal.

Wild-Wild-Wet canteen

I am including this photo of me and the kids because this is possibly the last photo of me carrying my daughter in my arms! She just turned eight and is getting too big and heavy for me to carry in my arms. *Boo-hoo!*


Of course my two munchkins wants to fly off to the fastest, most heart-racing waterslides possible. We checked the safety height chart below to see if she met the height limit of all the rides at this water park.

Wild-Wild-Wet Slides

My girl did not meet the height requirements of Slide Up but the anticipation of rides on The Waterworks, Torpedo and Ular-lah were enough to quell her disappointment.

This is a smaller waterpark compared to the newly opened AquaVenture on Sentosa. However, we felt this was worth the money as the queues were shorter (the ones at AquaVenture took too long) and the kids had more opportunities to go on the rides.

There are only four major rides at Wild Wild Wet, so it may not be ideal for the thrill seekers. But it is totally ideal for younger kids like mine (10 and below) and those new to the waterpark rides. Here is a summary of the rides at Wild Wild Wet:

1) Ular-Lah

The first raft slide in Southeast Asia, Ular-Lah is a super flume ride that offers you a chance to brave the rapids.


Slam your way through wacky curves and crazy turnings with The Waterworks, the high speed flume ride that makes a maze.

Wild-Wild-Wet Height

Imagine plunging down a four-storey ramp, accelerating until you hit the deck and skimming across to soar on the opposite side.

Wild-Wild-Wet Slide

This is not for the faint hearted. You have to climb a long, long flight of steps to get to the top — four storeys high to be exact. Once up there, you climb into a tube (like the one in the picture) and then you are dropped free-falling, twisting and turning on the Torpedo!!

Wild-Wild-Wet Photo

There is a height restriction on this ride. The Torpedo reminded us of the Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi in Dubai. I still cannot believe my kids went on that!!

Other water features that you will enjoy are the Tsunami and the Shiok River. The former is an artificial wave pool that follows the footsteps of Japan’s famous Ocean Dome. We had a lot of fun tossing the beach balls, riding on the waves on floats and simply splashing around in the shallower parts of the pool.

There are lifeguards at the pool area — you can see them on duy at the side of the pool. Still, be mindful of your young ones especially if they are not strong swimmers during the waves.

Wild-Wild-Wet Wave Pool

The Shiok River is about 335 metres in length that skirts the perimeter of the park, meandering through a variety of lush landscape. The kids floating along on the tubes chatting and going into the water whenever they feel like getting wet.

Wild-Wild-Wet Lazy Pool

All kids love water play. They will have hours of fun at the Professor’s Playground where there are slides and swings galore, tunnels and tubes, and water everywhere.

Wild-Wild-Wet Slides

For babies and toddlers, they will love Yippee! — the shallow sloshing area filled with soft play equipment designed to provide a safe and fun environment for them.

Wild-Wild-Wet Kiddy Pool

Oh! how I love this toothless smile. She was so happy! We were able to go on the rides as many times as we want with very short queuing time. And we did not have to jostle with the crowds at any of the water areas. It was a fabulous day!!

Wild-Wild-Wet Lazy Pool

Wild Wild Wet also have birthday party packages (between $450 – $600 depending on the packages you pick) for you to celebrate your child’s birthday. Click here for the birthday party packages information.

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