5 BIG Reasons To Shop At LEGOLAND

With a name like The Big Shop at LEGOLAND® Malaysia, let the shopper in you go wild.

There are 5 great shopping avenues in LEGOLAND – the Mini Market, The Big Shop, King’s Market, The Brick Shop, and Adventure’s Depot. But THESE are NOT the reasons to open your wallets.

Here are 5 BIG reasons to shop at LEGOLAND Malaysia:

1. You will find the largest selection of LEGO® toy sets and LEGOLAND® souvenirs here. 

The Big Shop is a thousand square metres of retail space offering the largest selection of exclusively sourced LEGO toys in Asia.

Family Friendly Theme Park Asia
Lego Figures outside The Big Shop

 2. You can buy limited edition LEGO® merchandise available only at LEGOLAND Malaysia.

Family Friendly Theme Park

T-shirts – RM89.95 (S$36)

Family Friendly Theme Park

LEGO Essentials Stationary Set – RM39.95 (S$16)

Shopping at Legoland Malaysia

Minifigure – RM39.95 (S$16)

3. The Brick Shop is the only shop in Asia that sells single LEGO® bricks.

There are 275 different LEGO® elements for fans to build unique designs.


4. Customized your own LEGO® figures at the Build-a-Minifigure section.

Build a Minifigure for RM9 (S$3.60) or 3 Minifigures for RM 25 (S$10).

Family Friendly Theme Park

Look at my little minifigure!

Shopping at LEGOLAND

And get these great Minifigure Collector’s Box – RM59.95 (S$24) to carry your minifigures in.

Shopping at Legoland Malaysia

5. Buy special themed LEGO®costumes

These costumes let your child pretend to be a bonafide Prince or Princess, a LEGO® knight, or warrior princess with these cool jungle and adventure-styled merchandise. Special themed LEGO® costumes – RM39 to RM89 (S$14 to S$36)

Shopping at Legoland Malaysia

While the prices for most of the LEGO® sets are quite comparable, some items are worth buying because they are cheaper or not easily available in Singapore, like this set of Star Wars alarm clocks. I’ve seen them available in Singapore and Hong Kong at S$70, but at LEGOLAND® Malaysia, they are available for S$48.

Shopping at LEGOLAND Malaysia

My advice is — do some research before your journey to LEGOLAND Malaysia so you know the prices of the  LEGO® sets you want to buy. Also, if you are not sure if a particular item is available in your home country, follow the true-blue shopper’s code of ethics:  Better have it than regret it!

Happy Shopping!

Our visit was generously hosted by the Legoland Malaysia who in no way influenced the comments or reviews of this post.

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