Dance for your Prata — Got to Move 2015

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Huh? Dance for your Prata?

That was my first reaction when I received the invitation to “Dance for my Prata”. Out of curiousity, I headed to Asia Square on 2 October (12pm – 2pm) to check it out.

When I arrived at 12:30pm, it was lunch time for the office crowd. The prata was hot and the dance music was happening, but the dance floor was quiet with just a couple of dancers. After some persuasion from the organizers and, several members of the corporate lunch crowd joined in and the dance floor began to fill with suits grooving to the funky music!

NAC Got To Move

Got To Move Now is Singapore’s first nation-wide dance movement to celebrate the diversity of dance in Singapore organized by the National Arts Council (NAC).  Planned as an annual event, Got To Move Now 2015 is celebrated with a series of exciting dance activities and programmes from 8 to 23 October, ending with a finale on 24 October (Sat) at The Promontory @ Marina Bay (4pm – 10:30pm).

Dance for Your Prata is the first of its kind. It is a collaboration between The Hidden Good and the National Arts Council (NAC) as part of Got To Move movement.

NAC Got To Move

It took a bit of convincing, but slowly the office crowd drifted towards the Prata dance floor to jive with the happening dance music. We saw executives and middle managers taking to the floor, even a CEO or two. Most danced to the tune of one song and were initially shy to take their pratas.  Some participants salsa-ed their way to a prata, others danced free form. At one point, there was even an impromptu choreographed dance.

NAC Got To Move

The next Got To Move event is Space Monkeys.

Space Monkeys the first-ever all-new life-size interactive dance video game in Singapore for the public. This original dance event will take place this weekend (17 and 18 October) at Cathay Cineleisure.

Register your participation at these time slots:  2pm, 4pm, 6pm to this email address: 2015.spacemonkeys@gmail.com

Space Monkeys is a visually captivating artistic collaboration between Daniel Kok (Singapore) and post-theater (Germany). In each of nine sessions of Space Monkeys held this weekend, 36 players invited will wear wireless headphones and dance to instructions; interacting with other players while devising tactics, observing behaviors and dancing together in the heart of Orchard Road for all to see.

Admission to the sessions is FREE. Each session of Space Monkeys lasts approximately 60mins and participants are expected to report 30mins before the start of their session.

When you arrive, you and your friends will be placed into four groups. Each group then takes turns to make some choices and dance together against other groups. Don’t stress about not being about to comply with the instructions. Four large monitors at the sides of the space will guide you on the simple actions and dance movements that you will execute.

Each participant will also be given a set of wireless headphones which they will receive easy-to-follow instructions on how to navigate the game and how to dance. The instructions and actions are designed to cater to people of ages ranging 18 to 80 years old. No art experience is required.

Just come with an open mind. And DANCE!!

Click on this link Got To Move 2015 for more information.

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