From Tired Skin to Wow Complexion: A Pre+Probiotics Facial Retreat

The effects of working from home have caused most of us to abandon our regular skincare routines. Our newly acquired practice to wear masks when we are out and about has also given rise to a new condition called “maskne” (mask + acne). This is especially common for those of us with existing skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema, and allergies. The masks are also a convenient way to hide any blemishes or unsightly skin conditions.

Getting a facial and taking care of our skin might be the least of our concerns while we deal with mental wellness and economic pressures that resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. But taking good care of our skin will pay off in the long run.

Firstly, (and we are being optimistic), the vaccination roll out around the world signals a possible end to our mask-wearing days. This hints at the possibility of more physical events and “showing” our faces again. Secondly, when we go online for our virtual meetings, the camera is a discerning eye to our skin flaws such as acne, acne scars, aging skin, wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation, blackheads, or dark spots. So, taking care of our skin blemishes ahead of time will help improve our confidence in our wellbeing.

Try these simple activities to nourish your skin:

1) Drink Water.
2) Follow a gentle skincare routine.
3) Treat your problem skin areas with care.
4) Wash your cloth face masks or Change your face masks regularly.
5) Go for regular facial treatments.

If you (like me) have neglected your skin for prolonged periods and need a quick fix, go for the Pre+Probiotics Treatment. This treatment is a direct import from South Korea’s famous skin R&D and comprises a potent blend of probiotics, anti-oxidants, lots of smart peptides, and nutrients that are customized to treat different skin conditions ranging from oily or acne skin, aging skin, dry/pigmented skin to sensitive skin.

While there are many prebiotics and pro-biotics treatments in the market, this Pre+Probiotics Treatment is exclusively available at W.O.W! Wellness in Singapore.

Why Pre+Probiotics Treatment?

Everyone has a unique Skin Microbiome which is made up of all the good and bad bacteria that resides in our skin. The more balanced and diverse the skin microbiome, the stronger is the skin barrier, leading to a healthier skin surface. This Pre+Probiotics Treatment is safe and non-invasive. It combines both Prebiotics and Probiotics ingredients to stabilize and maintain the skin’s healthy microbiome by reducing “Bad” Bacteria. Then the skin is “fed” good bacteria to enhance the rejuvenation of the desirable skin condition. Using the latest non-stop innovation & advanced technology to massage the bacteria into your skin, it allows all the nutrients to be penetrated into one’s skin.

The treatment gives your skin a boost in natural immunity and builds a resilient skin barrier against bacteria (strengthens and protects). The application of good and bad bacteria offers a balance and allows your skin to repair and renew from the inside- out (balance & recover).

This treatment even helps reverse the signs of age and reduce redness and inflammation (especially for those with skin sensitivity or problem areas). Those who suffer from acne will also find this treatment effective in clearing out the acne-prone spots.

After only one session, my tired skin had an instant glow! It was the most relaxing and pleasant 90 minutes I spent on a facial. Before the start of my facial, my skin and its microbiome were analyzed by my skin therapist so she could customize the treatment for my unique skin condition.

The tranquil spa atmosphere at W.O.W. wellness puts me at immediate ease, and I felt my skin was in good hands with the experienced therapists.

How to Book?

This Pre+Probiotics Treatment is available at $268. But as a special treat for my readers, you can book your first trial of this signature treatment at only $58.

W.O.W!@ROXY is located at the heart of Katong (right beside Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel). Address: 50 East Coast Road #01-109 Roxy Square, Singapore 428769. Call them at 6243 3383 or click on this link to book your treatment.

Opening hours: Mon to Fri (11am – 9pm); Sat (10am – 7pm); Sun & Public Holidays (10am – 6pm).

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