Essential Eye Care Tips for Ortho-K Users

In our last post, we shared with you the benefits of wearing Ortho-K lenses. In this post, we checked-in with our optometrist,  Darius Lim from Eyecare Specialist to share proper care when wearing these hard contact lenses. As with any substance that we ingest, inhale or place in our bodies, we need to be aware of the risks involved..

The risk of infection with the ortho-k lens is similar to that of the soft contact lens. The major cause of infection is due to lens hygiene. That is why Darius always emphasize lens hygiene to his customers and schedule regular reviews every 3 months to ensure that the child’s eyes are healthy and the lenses are properly checked, cleaned and maintained. Here he shares tips on how parents can ensure their little Ortho-K wearers maintain healthy vision.

Expert Tips for Ortho-k Users:

1) Always wash your hands with soap before touching your eye/lenses
2) Remember to change the conditioning solution daily even if you do not wear your lenses.
3) Wash your lens case every day and change every month
4) Avoid storing your lenses in the toilet (lots of bacteria)
5) If you’re flying abroad, dry store the lenses. We have customers who have had their lenses crack mid-flight due to the atmospheric pressure.
6) NEVER use tap water to wash lenses!

Tips for children:

1) Always read/study in a well-lit environment and take a 5mins break (look at something far) after every 30mins of close work.
2) Avoid lying down to read/study.
3) If you cannot see the whiteboard in class, let your teachers know and avoid squinting your eyes.

Tips for parents:

1) Observe your child if he/she is squinting (esp. If they are looking at something far) many times children do not let their parents know that they can’t see well until the school sends a letter saying that your child needs to get their eyes tested
2) It is recommended to have your child go through a full eye examination every 6 months to keep their prescription in check.
3) The number one factor that causes myopia is genes. The second factor would be close to work. So if you or your spouse have a high level of myopia, the chances of your child having myopia are higher.

Signs of infection:

  • Red
  • Pain
  • Itchy
  • Burning sensation
  • Discharge
    *If your child experiences any of these symptoms, visit your eye care practitioner immediately.

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Are Ortho-K lenses suitable for children aged 6 to 9:

Ortho-k lenses are suitable for children above the age of 6 years old. For younger children, it might take them a longer duration to learn how to wear the lenses and also to clean the lenses properly. You might want to arrange more review sessions to reinforce the handling and cleaning procedures until the child is confident enough to handle the lenses on their own.  Parents are strongly advised to monitor them until they are proficient enough to handle the lenses on their own.

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