NTUC Income Run 350 – Rack Pack & Days Leading To The Run

The door bell rang this morning and we opened it to receive our race packs for NTUC Income RUN 350!

Organised by Young NTUC, this run is Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run in support of the global 350 movement to raise awareness of the need to lower atmospheric carbon dioxid (CO2) levels to 350 parts per million which scientists believe is the level required for Earth’s sustainability.

First held in 2010 at Pulau Ubin, RUN 350 saw 1,000 runners coming forward to run for the cause. In 2011, aided by NTUC Income, RUN 350 grew more than 7 times to 7,200 runners. By 2014, the run had already grown in stature with more than 12,000 runners involved.

I am excited because this year, I will be participating in their 10km run — my first!

This run will also mark my kids’ participation in their FIRST run!

So, it was with great excitement that we opened up our race pack to see these race bibs inside.

NTUC Run 350 (4)

The race pack came in a water-proof backpack with some useful paraphernalia inside (see the picture below).

NTUC Run 350 (1)

The kids were excited to try on their race-shirts. But there was a bit of a mix up. My 8-year-old received a MEN’s race-shirt, while my son correctly received a kid’s race T-shirt. It was a bit snug for my son. So the kids did a swap! Luckily, the men’s shirt fits my son and the kid’s my daughter. So all is right as day again! Whew! Crisis averted!

NTUC Run Racepack

Thank you Young  NTUC Run 350 for inviting us to run with you!

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