Hey parents, do you have a child who hits out or bites other children and thinks it is fun?

Does your kid constantly snatch from other kids, and no matter how many times you have told him or her off, the misconduct continues? Or perhaps you have a child who is on the receiving end of these misbehaviours? How do you handle the kids or the situation?

When my kids were still in pre-school age, I had a parent who told me that it was better for his child to be the bully than be bullied. His daughter was four at that time!!

Every kid that I know (and adult for that matter) has experienced some degree of harassment or bullying. The bossier kids tend to lord over the more agreeable kids. Harmless jibes can easily escalate to demoralizing teasing for the one being teased. How we handle the situation and stand up to the perpetrator or bully makes all the difference between a positive or negative outcome.

I have been fortunate that my kids have not experienced any overt bullying, but I feel that it is so important to set the right tone for our children on this subject. So, it is my great pleasure to share with you about Paper Monkey‘s first English mini puppetry musical — The Big Bully.

This fun and creative musical adventure uses daily household items to engage the kids and their parents about this sensitive but essential topic. The play is suitable for children below eight (8) years old and parental guidance is necessary.

Parents can also learn how to transform recycled materials at home to props that can be used to share meaningful stories with their children.

The big bully copy

Show Synopsis:

Hungry Brush is a Big Bully. He is always hungry and bullying kids by snatching their food away without asking politely. One day, Pan and Sponge decided to go picnic and met Hungry Brush on the bridge that they were crossing. The Big Bully, Hungry Brush, extorted money from Pan and Sponge before letting them crossed the bridge. Pan and Sponge decided to stand up for themselves and defy Hungry Brush’s order. Will Pan and Sponge succeed? Is Hungry Brush going to learn his lesson and stop being a Big Bully?

Performance Details:

Date: 30 May 2015 (Saturday)

Time: 230pm & 730pm 

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre (90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053) Directions

Ticket Prices: $20 per ticket *

* Toddlers in hands are not allowed. Late comers are only allowed entrance as per instructed by the ushers at door. The performance is 45 mins without interval.Performance is in English without Chinese subtitles.

Book your tickets today at the following venues: 

Ticketing: http://thebigbully.peatix.com
Website: http://papermonkey.com.sg/shows-bigbully.html


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  1. We have taught them to firmly tell the bully to stop their undesirable actions and if does not stop after 2 or more times to report to teachers and parents.

  2. One way to stand against bullying is to stand by one principles and not be afraid to speak up against wrong doings.

  3. I will teach my kids not to engage in fights with bullies or to confront them. Talk to us when they meet bullies or share with us if anyone they met had physically hurt or hurled at them.

  4. I always tell my kids to remain calm when They r being bullied and tell the teacher about the incident.

  5. Parents hurt too when we hear of our kids being bullied. So I also want to teach my children not to hurt others.
    I teach my son not to prey on smaller or younger kids. There will always be older and bigger, never resort to bullying.

  6. I teach my child to leave and go to an adult for help as soon as possible.

  7. I got lots of complaints from teachers saying my girl is the bully in class!
    She told me others bullied her first so she fighted back. Now I ask her to tell teacher whenever anyone disturbs her so she won’t bite/ beat/ kick them. I do hope by voicing out (telling teachers) can help solve the bully problem.
    Hope I can bring her to watch this special musical 🙂

  8. I have always told my child to not be afraid to stand up and tell the bully that what he/she is doing is wrong and that my child do not like it. Afterwhich, he should report to his teacher (if its in school) or let us know (if it happens outside of school).

  9. I will educate my children that bullying exists everywhere. If my child is the victim, simply walking away is the best solution and encourage my child to tell me or tell his teacher. Everyday have to chitchat with my child relate to school, friends or extra lessons, mealtimes to see any different in behaviour or drawback.

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