Tang Music Box – A Singing Sensation!

Singing is not my forte. I will not torture myself singing in the bathroom, let alone the public. While I may not be as bad as American Idol singer William Hung, I might just be a close runner-up.

The only times I cave are to croon lullabies to put my kids to bed or sooth them (or at least that’s what I hope I was doing). They were too young then to know that my rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars was completely off-tune. They definitely know BETTER now.

No. I am definitely not the singer in our family. My hubby on the other hand, is and loves to sing, especially when he is emboldened by a couple of whiskey shots.

During my writing assignments with the newly opened Tang Music Box, I learnt about their superb BMB sound system which promised to make anyone’s singing sound good. I decided it was time to overcome my fear of public singing and put their system to the test!

Rounding up a few friends, we left our kids at home and headed to Tang Music Boxthe newest contender in the karaoke market. Our first impression stepping out of the elevator at the second level was “that we had arrived at a supermarket.”

Karaoke Family Entertainment Singapore
Entrance to Tang Music Box – the view as soon as you stepped out of the elevator. The Chinese words on the lamp post means communal gathering.

The Meeting Place

This is “The Meeting Place”, one of Tang Music Box’s highlights. A new concept store, The Meeting Place is like a supermarket that encourages patrons to shop and purchase tidbits or drinks of their preference. There is quite a large selection of snacks — mostly imported from Japan or America.

The products are definitely a conversation-starter, and a great excuse to venture out of the karaoke room.

Karaoke Family Entertainment Singapore
Nibble and bites at The Meeting Place – a great place to meet “friends” and grab a quick snack.
Karaoke Family Entertainment Singapore
Visitors enthusiastically choosing from the wide variety of products imported from Japan or the USA.
Karaoke Family Entertainment Singapore
We were given these cute green baskets to shop for our snacks and drinks. The men aimed for the beer while the ladies opted for the yummy imported snacks…

“We wanted to give our customers the choice to choose tasty tidbits that comes in fresh packaging, and not bulk mix as in other Karaoke venues,” says Terry, a partner of Tang Music Box.

Once you are have chosen your snacks, place them at the cashier where the service staff will tally the price and send the snacks to your room.

Beer Promotion and The Eiffel Tower

Tang Music Box has daily promotions. Check out their Two To Tang-Go on Mon and Tuesday, Wild Diva’s Day on Wednesday and Tower Nights on Thursdays or Family Tang-Go on Sundays where kids below 12 years old enjoy no cover charge and free snacks!

Tang Music Box karaoke Singapore
Another highlight of Tang Music Box — beer served in this towering Eiffel Tower! A tower of Carlsberg costs $98 while a tower of Blanc 1664 costs $105. A tower typically serves about 3 jugs. A jug of Carsberg cost $35, while a jar or Blanc 1664 is $38.
Tang Music Box karaoke Singapore
There was a special that night on Carlsberg – buy 5 bottles and get one free.

Tang-Go With Flexibility

Tang Music Box has 25 karaoke rooms of different sizes, from mini (for 1-3 persons) to Club-sized (for up to 30 persons).  Each room has a unique feature designed to cater to the different moods and needs of the patrons. We were allocated to one of the Large rooms (for 10 – 15 persons) with Tokyo design.

“It looks like a restaurant,” commented one of our friends.

The best part about the rooms is the flexibility of the room usage. Tang Music Box offers an easy-on-the-pocket scheme that allows their patrons to maximize their room usage in conjunction with their minimum spending. For example, the more friends you gather, the less you need to spend to enjoy the use of the larger rooms. Click here for more information on the rates and packages.

Tang Music Box karaoke Singapore
Starting the night off on the right note.
Tang Music Box karaoke Singapore
The ladies found their groove and had a good time with the mic.
Tang Music Box karaoke Singapore
Men talking shop at first, but got into the groove…
Tang Music Box karaoke Singapore
Steven, Tarun and Ping having some fun and showing off their hidden talents as a crooner, rocker and rapper.

We ended having a wonderful night filled with laughter and good, clean fun. We learned new things about each other and found common interests — a dad who raps well, I don’t sound too bad when I sing and we are all still rockers at heart.

Tang Music Box is centrally located at Block B, Clarke Quay (3B River Valley Road, #02-03/04, The Foundry, Singapore 1790221). It is open daily at 2pm except Sunday (1pm – 3 am). Click here for more details on the rates and packages.

 All prices quoted are in Singapore dollars.

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Till our next post, love yourself, love one another.

Meiling Wong

Meiling is a Singaporean mom who loves spending time with her 2 kids until they ditch her for slime-making and digital gaming. These days, she keeps herself busy trying to keep up with the social media while still contemplating if she should learn how to play "Clash Royale".

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