Restaurant Review: Chop Suey Cafe

It is rare that I get excited over a restaurant. Yesterday, I ate at one whose food and ambience are so good that I felt the need to share.

On a whim, my hubby and I decided to have a date night with our daughter at a restaurant called Chop Suey Cafe on Martin Street.

When we walked into the restaurant at 7pm, the matre ‘d politely asked if we had a reservation. No, we do not. He was kind enough to offer us a table but said he needed it back by 9pm. We assured him we will be done by then.

As we sat down, my first thought was “My, what a lovely posh, trendy restaurant this is.”  Good looking people were walking in and we felt pretty good. I like to eat good food, but am not particular about my food. But Hubby had read positive reviews about it and wanted to try it.

As hubby and I browse the menu, we got really excited. We wanted to try EVERYTHING on the menu. They all sound SOOOOOO good!

Grilled Pork & Roasted Coconut Salad! Smoked Duck & Lychee Salads! Those are starters! YUM!!

Fresh Crab Omelette, Steamed ‘Lasagna’ of Snapper & Tofu!! YUM and double YUM!

Tingling Chilli Jam Prawns! OMG!! How about Smoked Fish Fried Rice or Mud Crab Fried Rice or Wok Breath Rice Noodle with Rare Ribeye or Snapper?

I have never been excited about food before but I swear just reading that menu was giving me a food orgasm. NOW I know what the foodies are talking about when they mention gastronomic heaven.

But wait, let’s see if the dishes taste as good as the name suggests. Our first dish was Crispy Duck POW! Pockets ($17)- shredded duck confit & pulled roasted duck filled soft buns served with a warmed sweet bean sauce. YUM!!!! 

Chop Suey Cafe (13)

Here’s a closer look at one of the pow pockets with the sauce on top.

Chop Suey Cafe (17)

Next we had the Autumn, Winter Spring Rolls ($22) and I can tell you that we enjoyed the seasons very much. We especially enjoyed the tangy, lemony sauce that accompanied the spring rolls.

Chop Suey Cafe (14)

You really have to excuse me for my lack of vocabulary except ‘YUM’ because every mouthful is just an explosion of delight. My daughter wanted only har gao (prawn dumplings) for dinner but it wasn’t served at that time. So, we settled for the Steamed Dim Sum Basket ($16) which was just as yummy as the other dishes.

Chop Suey Cafe (18)

I must also commend the servers Kris and Edwards for being kind and attentive to my daughter. For such an elegant restaurant, the attentive service to children was admirable. We were already quite full after our starters. Then, our main courses arrived and we got excited again for round two.

Chop Suey Cafe (27)

Singapore Chilli Soft-Shell Crab ($36) was a recommended main course. The crab sauce on the side was spicy and sweet and a most delicious companion to the soft-shell crabs and fried buns.

Chop Suey Cafe (31)

Our other main course was Suzy’s Spaghetti Crab ‘Mee Goreng’ ($26), stirfried spaghetti with fresh crab & king prawns in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with crunchy silver sprouts. It was a tad too spicy for me but pleasing for those who has a taste for it.

Prices start at $14 for starters to $36 for mains.

Chop Suey Cafe (37)

At the end of the meal, they served us fortune cookies with the meal. Sigh!! Completely gastronomic satisfaction!

Chop Suey Cafe

Chop Suey Cafe is part of the PS Cafe group. They have two branches, one at Demsey Hill and the latest one at Martin Road. I highly recommend this restaurant for a night out with friends or family. But these pictures are not as tantalizing as the taste. I’m already planning for my next visit.

Chop Suey Cafe (11)

Address: No.38 Martin Road, 239072

Telephone / SMS: (+65) 8188 6177

Brunch — Sat, Sun & PH, 10.30 am – 5.00 pm / Last food order 4.00 pm, last tea order 5.00 pm

Lunch — Mon – Fri, 11.30 am – 5.00 pm / Last food order 4.00 pm

Dinner — Daily, 6.00 pm-Midnight / Last food order at 10.30 pm, last bar order 11.00 pm

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