Review: The Phantom Of The Opera

Even if you are not an opera fan, I promise you will be mesmerized by The Phantom of the Opera.

I first saw the production when I visited London many moons again and was completely captivated by their majestic performance. Now, almost ten years later, I couldn’t resist catching for a second time the play that has been performed in more than 27 countries, won over 50 major theatre awards, and seen by over 130 million people worldwide.

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Meeting kindred spirits at The Phantom of the Opera – with Kian and May Yen.

And, it is simply PHENOMENAL!! In fact, the second time is even better! I appreciate the scenes more, have a better grasp of the meaning behind the lyrics, and fell in love all over again with the powerful songs.

I love, love, LOVE the stunning costumes, and breath-taking special effects. It is amazing how the backdrop and scenery create depth on stage! The chilling and exciting fall of the infamous and deadly opera chandelier over the audience’s heads. Did I already mention the lavish costumes?

For those of you who don’t know the storyline, The Phantom of the Opera is a heart-wrenching story of the mysterious, hideously disfigured Phantom who lives beneath the Paris Opera House, and his obsession with the young singer Christine. Disguised as the ‘Angel of Music’ he devotes himself to creating a new opera star, and winning her love from his rival Raoul while exercising a reign of terror over the Opera House.

And of course, the music! OMG! The music!

The Phantom is played by veteran actor Brad Little who has performed the character over 2,250 times. His deep baritone stirs your soul, breaks your heart, and completely commands not just the heart of Christine, but that of the entire audience. A true Angel of Music!

There is something truly magical about this play. It gets people talking. After the musical, we lingered to take pictures and met a very nice couple – Cheah May Yen and her friend. As luck would have it, May Yen is actually a ballerina with the Singapore Ballet Academy.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch The Phantom of the Opera, do it SOON. The cast moves on in September.

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