We LOVE Star Wars – Celebrate The Force In Singapore

May the 4th be with you!

To all Star Wars fans, this statement needs no explanation. Today is International Star Wars Day. While the Singapore celebration is no match to the ones held in George Lucas’ hometown, we were excited to visit our first Star Wars “convention”.

In case you missed it this year, here is a snappy review of the exhibition at Suntec City atrium and what you can expect.

Disclaimer: there is no admission to this event. However, some services like the photo booth and  drawing by Band of Doodlers required payment. Also, Toys R’us was on site with various Star Wars merchandise. We cannot guarantee that your kids or husbands can resist the temptation.

Display of action figures, vehicles and playsets from 1977 to 2015.

Mostly the property of private owners, you can go gawk at the range of Star Wars figurines and play sets. We enjoyed gawking at the toys and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the exclusive and limited edition collections.



Band of Doodlers

We met the Band of Doodlers again. The last tine was at the Singapore Art Museum imaginarium: A Vovage of Big Ideas event. Check out the panel of their doodles. They will also draw you as Star Wars character for a fee. We didn’t get round to do that as the queue was quite long.

Star Wars (1)

Also check out these limited edition customized creations by the Band of Doodlers that you can purchase for $400 each. Other black and white creations are also available at $200 each. img1430841743221

Taking Pictures With The Characters!

We were lucky to catch the characters when they came out in full force to meet and greet the public. There were Storm Troopers, Jedi Masters, The Emperor’s Dark Knights, Padawans and of course the one and only Darth Vedar.   Unfortunately for us, YODA, CP3O, R2D2, Hans Solo and Chewbaka were conspicuously missing.

For a small price of $15, you get an exclusive photo with Darth in person.


Most of the characters roamed around the exhibition area freely and they were very obliging when we asked to take pictures with them.


I also love how the fans were friendly and helpful with taking pictures for each other.

Star Wars Storm Troopers

Love the humour!

We also love the subtle humour like the the sign in dialect – “Wa Si Lin Lao Peh!” — which means “I am your father” in Hokkien!

Star Wars (3)

And this message on the back of the T-shirts of the staff working at the exhibition.


Battle Against The Dark Force

The highlight was definitely the FightSaber Kids Workshop. After a short queue, the kids got on stage to learn how to fight against the Dark Force. It was a 7-minute long lesson, but the kids got to play with the light saber, learn a couple of cool moves and fight against the Dark knights. They LOVE it!!



Star Wars Celebrate The Force

Star Wars Celebrate The Force

We cannot wait for the highly anticipated upcoming Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens slated to be released in December this year. Well, that’s all. Till next year, may the Force be with you!

Happy May 4th Day!


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