Singapore Science Center: The Human Body Experience, Robotics & More

The kids just could not get enough of this exhibit. The kids could not wait to enter the exhibit but there is also that tingling feeling of uncertainty about what they will find inside “the body”. What a marvelous way to stimulate their curiosity to learn!!!


The Human Body Experience (HBX) is a walk-through attraction that features large-scale sculptures of the human anatomy. The attraction is designed for children aged 10 – 12, however children from age 5 to mature adults with good physical mobility may also enjoy the exhibition. Some kids may be scared by the dark areas, dramatic sculptures, confined spaces and loud sounds inside the exhibit. Hence, it is advisable for these kids to be accompanied by their parents. Because of the constraints mentioned earlier, this exhibit is also not suitable for people with limited physical mobility or those with health issues.

You might want to go to this exhibit with your children’s friends. There is bravado in numbers. After the first round, all four kids went a second time on their own.

Word of caution: You enter the exhibit by climbing in through the mouth and there are areas where you have to crawl around. Wearing heels is not advisable for this exhibit. 

We love this multi-sensory experience to help the kids (and us) understand their body in a fun and educational way! As you go along the exhibit, you might want to ask your kids these questions:

What does your vocal chord sound like from the inside?

What does it feel like to be swallowed?

How squishy exactly is the interior of an intestine?

What sound do your lungs make when you breathe?

What does a beating heart sound like?

How do white blood cells work?

What does your brain look like?

The visual impact of the confined spaces between the organs helps the kids understand the intricacies of their body systems. Below is a picture of the kids in the rib cage with the lungs hanging above them.

The kids had so much fun getting lost in a maze of veins. The fluorescent lighting that pulses through the vessels makes an excellent visual presentation of the blood circulating throughout the body.   This area is dark and the eerie (because of the fluorescent lighting). The girls and younger kids may find it a bit scary. So hold their hands as you walk through.

The kids were so excited when they found the heart and listening to the heartbeat thudding in the cardiovascular chamber was amazing!

There were also giant red balls that symbolize red blood cells for the kids to toss around. They enjoyed that! Check out the differences in expressions between boys and girls when it comes to the heart!

There is also a short section on the skeletal system and how all the bones work together to enable our body movements.

Ok, so we eventually end up in the…Can you guess where we are now?

Yup, this is the exit of The Human Body Experience exhibit. Kids get a trip out of being pooped out of the body!!! 

The Human Body Experience (HBX) has been opened since 31 May  and is ongoing at Hall B of the Science Centre. Please note that the Human Body Exhibition is closed for maintenance on 5th Oct and 2nd Nov.

Admission Rates

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After the HBX, we chance upon a current exhibit — The History of Robotics and of course the kids wanted to see it.


This is a very small exhibit which showcased the earlier models of the robotics in its infancy stage. It is interesting to see how far we have come along in this technology age.

There was even a robotics zoo with giraffe, crickets and a bull. There were interactive machines attached to this robotics or the kids to manipulate.


Singapore Science Center is located at 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081.

Opening Hours:

   Daily10 am – 6 pm
   Last admission to Science Centre  5.15 pm

These are the permanent exhibitions located at the Science Center.

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