Singapore Night Festival 2013 – Part 2

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again.

Our first night at the Singapore Night Festival 2013 was a bust. Our second attempt yielded better results. A portion of the Armenian Street was closed and there was great energized Mardi-Gras atmosphere.

We moved through throngs of crowds, spotted mascots and took pictures with them. Ran a marathon to catch the “Light-Up Ninjas” and challenged our bodies to perform circus antics. Finally, we joined a two-thousand strong crowd to catch “Ultimate Inversion” stunt by Magician J C Sum and Magic Babe Ning. This is the world’s first tandem upside down strait jacket escape, suspended from a burning rope some 75 feet above the ground. Check out the pictorials below.

A Superhero? Nah! Just a very nice model promoting body paint and art.

Family Friendly Activities

Holy cow! It’s the mascot for The Travelling C.O.W. We didn’t stop for a bite as we had Ninjas to catch.

Family Friendly Activities

Found a Ninja. Wait a minute. A Ninja with glasses? Are you kidding me?

Family Friendly Activities

Lights, Shadow, Night…

It was amazingly dark and creepy… Then the lights came on and we were mesmerized by the Shadow Lights and even got to take part in the Shadow Light Mural. One word. AWESOME!!!

Family-Friendly Activites

From the top to seeing THIS on screen below! Pretty cool, right?

Family Friendly Activities

Shadow Play! Nuff said.

Family Friendly Activities

Wheeeee!! Seeing double? Having fun with dad.

Family Bonding
Seeing double? Having fun with dad.

It’s A Circus!!

My kids try out as circus boy and loving the circus act – better than gym class!

Family Fun Activities

Kids Activities Singapore

After all that running around and circus acts, it was time to be recharge – in the air-conditioned National Museum, we found cold drinks and snacks.

Finally managed to catch the magicians at 10pm. This is Magic Babe Ning and J C Sum strapped and hung at 75 feet in the air. This is my best shot while carrying my 22-kg daughter on my shoulders.

Magicians Ning

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Till our next post, love yourself, love one another.


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