Teaching Kids About Road Safety And Kindness

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the Kindsville Party. I was only too happy to accept the invitation to any event that promote kindness. 

My son was unable to make it that day so we replaced him with their cousin, Juhi who was visiting from Philippines. It was a wet and rainy day that afternoon. When we arrived, we were greeted by friendly “jiejie” (big sister) who tagged the little girls.

Kindsville Party

Kindsville Party began in 2013 as an occasion to show appreciation to children who wrote into Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, and to celebrate their efforts in spreading kindness. At the party, children and their parents took part in games and activities. It was a great opportunity for parents to impart values and share a meaningful family bonding time with their kids. In addition, Singa and the Kindness Cubbies will make their appearances to meet the kids.

This year, the Kindsville Party was held at the Road Safety Community Park where participants (aged 5 to 11) were given roles as motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Under the supervision of their parents, the kids will learn to practice courtesy and road safety skills. At the end of the exercise, there was a prize presentation followed by games and refreshment.

The kids were briefed on basic curb drills and road discipline practices for their roles as pedestrians and road users like the cyclists or motorists.

Kindsville (4)

Each kid has a card where they have to visit five selected destinations in the Road Community Park. At each destination, they have to answer a simple question and get their answers verified by a custodian dressed in blue T-shirts who will put their signatures against the answers before the child can move on to the next destination.

Kindsville Party

The girls had been assigned to be cyclist and pedestrian respectively. But due to the wet conditions that day, all cyclists were reassigned to be pedestrians. As I had to accompany her younger cousin, my daughter went on her own to fulfill her tasks.

Kindsville Party

It was a fun exercise for the kids! They learned to read the map, find their way to their destinations and get the mandatory signatures. The kids also have to observe road safety rules and adhere to the curb drills learned earlier during the briefing:

Be Alert and Be Seen

  • Do not cross in-between stationary vehicles
  • Do not cross in front of heavy vehicles
  • Do not cross at road bends
  • Do not dash across the road
  • Always wear bright coloured clothes

Kindsville At Road Safety Park

Practice the Curb Drills

  • Look right, look left, look right again
  • Ensure all vehicles have stopped
  • Raise your hand high Up, then cross briskly

Kindsville Party

Everyone has a part to play in following the rules. Any violations were gently corrected by the officers and custodians who patrol the streets. (see pictures below)

Kindsville Party at Road Safety Park

Kindsville (208)

The girls were so excited that their paths crossed, they could not resist running towards each other. Then they helped each other finished their task.

Kindsville (167)

Kindsville (87a)

After the event, we returned to the assembly space for some crafts and games.  Later in the afternoon, the Kindness Cubbies showed up to meet and greet the participants.

Kindness Cubbies

Overall, it was a fun afternoon role-playing as pedestrians for the girls, but we would have liked to see more activities pertaining to kindness other than meeting the Kindness Cubbies.

If you like the idea of teaching your kids more about road safety, head down to The Road Safety Community Park at 910 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449889. It is free entry for all and opens on all occasions. Bring along your own bicycles or scooters or you can rent them at one of the kiosks along East Coast Park.

Road Safety Community Park

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