POSB PAssion Run For Kids 2017

If you were at the Marina Promontory last Sunday (10 September), you would have seen a sea of runners clad in yellow Sketcher tops running along the boardwalk in support of the POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2017.

POSB celebrates its 140th anniversary this year. I remember the National School Savings Campaign that POSB launched from my primary school days to encourage us to save money. Little did I know that the habits that began then will now be ingrained in me as a life value and be passed on to my children. More on this later.

This is the 9th year that POSB and People’s Association are organizing the POSB PAssion Run for Kids to support the children in the community. Like many of the running events in Singapore, this run had several categories:

  • Men’s competitive open run for 5km and 10km
  • Women’s competitive open run for 5km and 10km
  • Kids competitive run for
    • 1.2km for boys and girls in the age groups of 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12
    • 800m for boys and girls in the age groups of 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12
  • Non-competitive 3.5km Family Walk

At the invitation of DBS, we took part in the last category. Check out the video later in the post to see what’s in the race pack — a POSB 140th Anniversary Special Edition Book, Run for Kids running tee, a Run for Kids backpack, the race-bib, and for Competitive runners, the 9th Anniversary Medal. See the video for the story of our run.

Before the run, we downloaded the POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2017 app so we could get clues to answers to the quiz and receive a limited edition 140th Anniversary token if we answered all the questions correctly. (Yes, I know. Kiasu to the max!)

POSB mascot

Now, let me share with you about the Family Walk…

Our kick-off time for the Family Walk began comfortably at 930am.  We arrived late morning just as families with kids in the competitive run were leaving. The morning sun was beginning to bear down on us when we arrived at our start-off point. I am so happy that my kids do not have to wear their glasses at this run! Read all about it HERE. But note to myself, they need sunglasses.

POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2017

The Marina Promontory is a preferred and beautiful stretch for running events. The 3.5km will take us through the boardwalk past the Marina Bay Sands to the Gardens by the Bay and  u-turned back the same way we came. By mid-morning, the hot equator sun was out in full blast and we were running to get under anything that offer shades.

POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2017

Thankfully, the trees lining the path (above photo) provided some comfort. The final 1.5km of the run/walk proved to be the most challenging section of the run as the board walk provided no shade, and the inviting sight of the tents across the water seem so near and yet so far. But the beautiful sailboats on the waterfront provided some distraction from the scorching sun.

POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2017

Check out the video for more footage of our run. After the run, there were many activities for the kids and family to enjoy, including the Trampoline by the Bay, a mega inflatable obstacle course, various arts and crafts including 3D printing, and of course, the kids favorite — the Digital Zone where they can indulge in 3D virtual reality games.

POSB PAssion Run Activites

I should also mention that as part of POSB’s 140th Anniversary celebration, Run for Kids participants aged 7-12 years old are entitled to a free POSB Smart Buddy Watch. Kids will be able to use it at the event to make purchases, enjoy super cool deals, monitor run performance, and much more! We will be doing a review of this watch soon. So look out for our post on it.

POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2017

Thank you DBS / POSB for sponsoring our run. We appreciate the opportunity to share this amazing experience.

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