Singapore’s First Digital Playground – MOSH! on Sentosa

Anything with the word “digital” perks my interest these days. Whether it is to curb digital addiction or to enhance my kids’ learning in the digital media, I am all ears. So, when the email invitation on Singapore’s first Immersive Digital Media Edutainment landed in my inbox, I immediately RSVPed YES.

Located on the second floor of the newly opened Palawan Kidz City on Sentosa, MOSH! welcomes you with a white reception and a colourful graffiti wall by Sensyu Yasuko, who is well-known for her use of colours and brush strokes that adds a child-like quality to her art. Here is me posing with my new friend Cecilia whom I met at an entrepreneur review workshop the week before.

Pulling back a thick black curtain, you enter into the womb of MOSH! where you see this panoramic view (picture below) of the digital media playground showcasing an exciting line-up of five wall installations from three prestigious creative partners from Japan — award-winning Japanese digital design studio and agency 1->10 Holdings, leading Japanese digital technology company, Coconoe Inc and global imaging and electronics company, Ricoh Group known for its quality of technology and tradition for innovation.

“MOSH! is created from the belief that imagination fuels innovation. Some of the greatest innovations for the past centuries have positively changed the way we lived and shaped our society to what we know today. It starts with the simple question of ‘what if?’. Through this new creative future space, we want children, and even adults, to gain confidence in their own creativity, and to share this creativity with others in a fun-loving environment,” said, Ms Hitomi Komuro, Director of Creative Future Park, the parent company leading this project.

MOSH! is a place for the young and the creative young adults who want to reconnect with their inner child. Your screen in MOSH! is literally an oversized tablet that interacts with you. You can scan your pictures and see it on screen. You can touch the walls and it responds with fireworks and explosions.

Here are five attractions for your kids to explore in MOSH!.

1) Fantasy: World of Wonder Paper App

The kids get to choose their very own MOSH!cot: Moo, Moji, Momo and Moto and make them come alive!!

After they have coloured and decorated their MOSH!cots any way they like, they place it under a scanner and watch their MOSH!cots come alive on screen.  Here is what it will look like:

2) Space: Fireworks Party

Then they can immerse themselves in space and raise and control fireworks with your body movements. Very much like the Kinect games, this station uses your entire body as a control. With every movement of your arms and body, you can orchestrate an impressive visual of fireworks.

Videos tell a better story than visuals in this space. So make sure you have enough batt power in your phone.

3) Sea: Doodle Aquarium

At this station, the kids are given special paper where they draw their sea characters. Then, it is scanned into the doodle aquarium (see below).

Your kids will squeal with excitement when they see their creation come alive on screen with other sea creatures in their larger-than-life digital aquarium!

4) Land: MOSH!cot Hide and-Seek

This is a multi-touch detection display containing a myriad of characters that will interact with any object you place on the surface, including your hand! Place your hand on it for a few seconds, remove it and then have a game of hide-and-seek with the shyest digital friends you’ll ever meet! This station is great for toddlers and preschoolers.

5) Air: Paper Plane Adventure

Fold and launch paper airplanes at our multi-touch detection screen and see them transform into a unique aircraft depending on the distance travelled and the force of contact. From a propeller plane to a jumbo jet, each aircraft takes visitors on a journey through different dreamscapes such as primeval jungles and canyon caves.

Each technological masterpiece employs advanced gesture recognition and motion design, coupled with multi-touch detection and projection mapping capabilities to create an immersive virtual experience which is real-time, responsive and reactive.

These five attractions aim to empower their young visitors with a deeper understanding in pattern and causality recognition, spatial intelligence, logic thinking, power of expression, and a respect for diversity.

I can see the immense benefits of this digital space for the preschoolers. For my kids (at 9 and 11 respectively), it is just cool to see their creations on screen and have some fun playing on the largest digital screen the size of an ENTIRE wall.

MOSH! Opening Hours

Opening hours:10am to 9pm daily
AddressPalawan Kidz City, Sentosa
Level 2
(Park at Beach Station)
Admission:Adult : $28
Child: $22 ¦ Free admission under 2 years old
Family promotion: $48 (one adult + one child)


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Meiling Wong

Meiling is a Singaporean mom who loves spending time with her 2 kids until they ditch her for slime-making and digital gaming. These days, she keeps herself busy trying to keep up with the social media while still contemplating if she should learn how to play "Clash Royale".

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