Monster Jam Singapore Rocks The Stadium

Monster Jam performed for the first time ever in Singapore featuring 10 of the most recognizable trucks in the world including Grave Digger®, 11-time world champion Max-D™, El Toro Loco®, Monster Mutt Dalmatian and many more. This year, it celebrates 25 years of entertaining families with adrenaline-charged, jaw-dropping displays of gravity-defying feats and thrilling fans with the seat-edging competition.

The Pit Party

I had to attend the Mizuno Ekiden Run earlier that afternoon, so hubby took the kids and went to the Pit Party held in the arena. The Pit Party Pass costs only $10. You get to go into the arena where the Monster Trucks were displayed and you get to meet and greet the drivers who were very accommodating in taking photos and autographing your souvenirs.

The most popular truck at the show was Grave Digger, a neon-green and black truck with skulls, flames, and graves on it is driven by 39-year-old Jon Zimmer.

Monster Jam 2017

Monster Jam 2017

The kids had fun checking out the size of the trucks and posing with it. There were long queues of fans at each truck station waiting to meet the drivers and get them to autograph their souvenirs. Below are more photos of the trucks and a sneak peek into the Pit Party.

Monster Jam 2017

Monster Jam 2017

Monster Jam 2017My son decided to photo-bomb the driver of El Torro while he was being interviewed, and his antics were caught on camera.

Monster Jam 2017 The cars that were smashed to bits in the arena.

For those of you who missed it, here is a recap of the amazing night. Be sure you catch it the next time it lands on our shore or if you are in a place that has the show.

If you are worried that it might be too loud for your child, headphones like the ones in the photos were available for purchase.

Monster Jam 2017

The Monster Jam Performance

The atmosphere at the arena was electrifying. Everyone was excited to see the Monster Trucks perform during the 2.5 hours show. The drivers did not disappoint, delivering multiple gravity-defying stunts, including jumps, donuts (on 2-wheels) and flip-overs.

Monster Jam 2017

Monster Jam Trucks

It was loud! The music was jamming! People were in unison in our shouts of delight and unified in our gasps with anticipation when the trucks flipped over. From where we were sitting, the noise was not as bad as the Formula One events. Click this link to watch the stunts.

We all held our breaths when the first truck flipped over. But by the second or third, we kind of knew these are professionals and they will be ok. Still, it was a thrill to see these huge machines at work.

Monster Jam 2017

There were three segments of the show – the Freestyle, Face-off, and Two-wheel (donut). The audience was invited to grade the truck performances. It was super FUN…

Monster Jam 2017

As usual, Scooby-Doo makes us smile and laugh.

Monster Trucks Scooby Doo

My favorite ride of the day was Megalodon who wowed us all with the first 360-degree truck flip. Play the video to see the stunt. Unfortunately, it was still Monster Energy that emerged as the winner.

The Bike Stunts during the second half of the show were also amazing to watch, especially some of the stunts where the drivers and bikes were flying in mid-air. Click HERE to watch the amazing performance!

Monster Jam 2017

The Monster Jam is so much fun for the whole family. Make sure you catch it while they are here!

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