Review: Leonardo Da Vinci’s Earlier Mona Lisa Exhibition

Who was that mysterious woman with the whimsical smile that captured the imaginations of millions for centuries?

SHE needs no introduction. She is MONA LISA.

A friend kindly offered us some complimentary tickets to catch the tail-end of the Leonardo Da Vinci’s Earlier Mona Lisa exhibition, I jumped at the opportunity even though I was unsure if my kids were interested. So imagine MY surprise when both of them said yes to Mona Lisa. I guess anything that defers them from homework duty is a good thing.

This is a tablet-led interactive multimedia exhibition! SOLD! 

Kids being briefed on how to use the tablet during the exhibition!
Mona Lisa at The Arts House

You have a choice of Adult OR Kids Tour. Participants of all ages are given the chance to experience the fascinating mysteries and discoveries surrounding the portrait, followed by the rare and exceptional opportunity to see the painting in person in the historic rooms of Singapore’s old Parliament.
Mona Lisa at The Arts House

You are invited to explore the world of the Renaissance at the time Mona Lisa was painted and discover all the fascinating circumstances including the history, the science and mathematics which have become the evidence to show that Leonardo painted an earlier version of his iconic masterpiece.

The ‘Earlier Mona Lisa’ has spent the past four decades in a Swiss bank vault, where it has quietly undergone the scientific testing necessary to establish that it is indeed by the hand of Leonardo da Vinci, painted a decade before the Louvre work.

The ‘Earlier Mona Lisa’ came into the spotlight during an international press conference in Geneva, Switzerland in September of 2012, sparking enormous worldwide interest in the painting.


Your child can also join the investigation as world-famous Detective Emily Brush and her apprentice Peter Potts examine the historical, scientific, mathematical and comparative evidence, in an effort to solve the case of the two Mona Lisas. This 45-minute, tablet-based, fully audiovisual tour is designed to engage children ages 6 to 12.

Mona Lisa at The Arts House

Mona Lisa at The Arts House

The kids really enjoyed the interactive elements – they were listening, reading, exploring and answering the questions at the end of each segment! If only  the school curriculum were taught in this way!?

Mona Lisa at The Arts House

Mona Lisa at The Arts House

Look how attentive they both were!!

Mona Lisa at The Arts House

And they LOVE the detective work!

Mona Lisa at The Arts House

Mona Lisa at The Arts House

Finally, they came face to face with the Lady herself. And we did not have to fly all the way to France or Italy to see the Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa at The Arts House

This was a GREAT exhibition! The kids were engaged. They had fun learning. AND they remember the facts — I quizzed them after…

Mom: When was Mona Lisa first painted?

Kids: 1503

Mom: Who was the lady model? Why was she being painted?

Kids: Lisa something.. (Correct answer was Lisa del Giocondo) The portrait was commissioned by her husband.

The Mona Lisa Exhibition, held at The Arts House (which began on 16 Dec 2014), ends today in Singapore. Do catch them if the exhibition ever comes back or catch them in their next city. Singapore is the first city of the exhibition’s worldwide première.

Park at the Parliament carpark and it is literally a 2-minute walk over The Arts House.

Click on THIS LINK for The Arts House future programmes.

Have you seen the actual Mona Lisa? Tell us what was your impression of her in the comment below. We will love for you to connect with Us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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