Dream Big Princess Academy Encourages Young Girls To Be Daring, Creative and Kind

The last time we followed a real life princess was to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds Royal Couple, Princess Kate and her prince.

When I first received the invite, I thought that I should give this event a miss as my girl was at the age (10 years old) where she is moving beyond the princess stage to teenage televised series like Hannah Montana and K C the Teenage Spy. But Princess Sophia, the last princess that she loved was going to be at the event, so out of sentimental reasons I RSVPed our attendance.

I am so glad that I did.

What an absolutely gorgeous and beautiful experience it was for the little girls — our princesses! The organizers left out no expenses to wow our girls.

Held in the beautiful grounds of Fort Canning Hotel, we walked into a beautiful setting fit for the royal princesses. All the young girls were given a tiara clip to signify their princesshood. Then, they were ushered into the Grand Marquee.

Princess Academy (79)

The afternoon tea was delightful with beautiful table settings. We were served tasty sandwiches shaped like princess crowns, delicious cupcakes in different flavours with princess cutouts as decoratives and many more cookies and cakes. The parents of the princesses and some princes were also given the royal treatment.
Princess Academy

The Fairy Godmother hosted the afternoon tea and introduced the princesses as they came out to greet us. Each princess taught us specific lessons and lend their special charms to the afternoon.

Princess Academy (41)

Lesson #1 — Be Gracious With Manners and Etiquette

Princess Sophia was my girl’s most recent favourite princess after Princess Ariel and Princess Belle. So I was very happy to see that she was our first mentor for the day. Princess Sophia reminded the young Princesses that good manners will carry them far and to always be polite to everyone, including their mommies and daddies.

Princess Academy (122)

She also demonstrated how to do do a princess curtsey for the princesses-in-training. What a gal!!

Lesson #2 — Be Caring With Acts Of Kindness

Our second mentor was Cinderella. She shares with the young princesses that acts of kindness is a virtue that all princesses should possess. While we took turns going up to meet Cinderella, the princesses-in-training were given heart-shaped cookies to decorate. They could present it to anyone they wish and were given boxes to place their delicately decorated cookies in.

Princess Academy (29a)

Lesson #3 — Be Creative and Adventurous 

Princess Rapunzel finished off the lessons for the day by reminding our young princesses to be creative and have a sense of adventure to try new things. She encourages them to be brave and dare to dream big… Our young princesses decorated lanterns and wrote their wishes or dreams inside the lanterns.

Princess Academy (49)
Princess Academy (108)

“Learning is GROWING…” says the Fairy Godmother. 

I am so glad that we had a chance to meet and be up close and personal with all the princesses! What a beautiful way for her to transit to her tween/teen phases with these lovely memories of the princesses. I hope these lessons and the combined characteristics of these princesses will reinforce her resilience and determination in pursuing her own dreams.

Princess Academy Princesses

We brought home an incredible amount of goodies representative of the princesses. From a tiara clip upon our arrival to the magical amulet from Sophia the first and a lovely Princess Doll reminiscent of Cinderella. The Princess graduate also brought home cupcakes and a certificate from the Academy.

A  BIG thanks to  SingTel and Disney for inviting us to this Dream Big Princess Academy.

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Till our next post, love yourself, love one another.


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