Water Playground @ I12 Katong (East Coast)

 What is it?

This is a playground with a combination of swings and water fountains with water raining down on you. Something about water playgrounds that generates instant adrenaline in our kids. My daughter absolutely loves this playground and begs to visit it every opportunity she gets (which is quite often given that we live near by).

At one stage, we had swimmers and towels packed in my car and bag just in case we dropped by the wet playground on our way to or from the movies, supermarket, bookstores or food court.

Water playground atop I12 Katong Mall
Water playground atop I12 Katong Mall

We have regular play dates here. My daughter and her friends get excited as soon as they see the water park. There’s water spraying, gushing, pouring, raining and showering from bright, colorful and inviting contractions in every directions!

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The kids LOVE to run through the water, testing its fluidity, feeling its coolness and just have FUN.

Fun For Free Singapore Venues I12 Playground

There are swings and slides that bring absolute delight and pleasure to the kids who sit and slide on them for repetitively for hours and hours on end.

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Happy faces, giggles, laughter abound at this wet playground. Even on a gloomy, wet day, the playground beckons. The only times we stay away are when lightning warnings are issued.

Note: Unfortunately, the swings were not there when we visited the playground yesterday to review for this post.

Still, the rest of the playground is intact and the water is so inviting that even moms and dads join in the fun. Make sure you have a change of clothes and towel to dry off after the wet play. The kids love the anticipation of water drenching them over and over again.

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The only draw back is that a large part of the playground is exposed to sunlight. So, do lather your young ones with sunscreen or put them in rash guards or long sleeve swim suits if you are visiting during the hottest part of the day. The best times to go are mornings before noon and in the early evenings before dinner.

The playground is open from 10am to 10pm for children aged 5 to 12. And it is absolutely FREE!

i12 Playground (68)
Ooooh! The water tickles!

TIP: Bring along a waterproof camera if possible because the playground is a hotspot for big smiles, lively action in our young kids – these are great photography opportunities to capture your kids in action!

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They can run around the water playground for hours and still stay cool. Remember to remind the kids to drink water to hydrate their little bodies.

There are no lockers or benches to sit on. A shawl or wrap works well to counter the heat of the foam flooring. Put your clothes and precious items such as wallets, phones or cameras in waterproof bags and bring some plastic bags to store your wet clothes after.

Changing and shower cubbies for the little ones.
Changing and shower cubbies for the little ones.

Food is not allowed, but do pack some light snacks like raisins or biscuits they can pop into their mouth to help your kids recharge – they are going to be very hungry when they finally stop running around.

With Golden Village next door, the water works are turned off once a month (usually end of the month) for movie screenings at the wet playground. Popular movies like Rio, The Lion King and Cars were screened.

This Aqua Playground is located on the 4th floor of I12 Katong (112 East Coast Road, Singapore 428802), at the the intersection of East Coast Road and Joo Chiat Road. Click HERE for directions to I12 Katong.

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