DBS Marina Regatta — Asia’s tallest inflatable water slide

Okay, so we know nothing about the DBS Marina Regatta. Don’t really care for it either. Although the dragon boat racers were very impressive the day we visited it.

DBS Regatta (44)

We (by we, I mean the kids), were all about that five-storey slide!!

Purportedly Southeast Asia’s tallest inflatable water slide and making its debut at the DBS Marina Regatta, the kids just do not want to miss out on the thrill of sliding down this five-storey slide at 50 kmph. So here we are on a Sunday morning after the Zespri SunGold Kiwi workout.

It cost only $10. For 5 rides!

And all proceeds goes to charity!! What a steal!! We are in!

DBS Regatta (13)

So the slides does not look as menacing as some of the other water slides my adrenaline-junkie kids have pursued. Especially not against the backdrop of these high rise buildings…

DBS Regatta (15)

We got there on a Sunday at about 11am. So the wait was not too bad. It took the kids about 10 – 15 minutes to get to the top and of course coming down was less than a minute.

DBS Regatta (49a)


“Let’s go again!!”

With comments like these from the kids, you know you have a winner here.

DBS Regatta (60)

DBS Regatta (55)

The next time the Regatta is on and they bring this water slide back, you can bet your ass we (you know who I mean) will be there.

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