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We are suckers for magic shows. We love the illusions of the acts and the mind-boggling questions of HOW did he do that?

The first magic performance we caught was Joe Labero from Las Vegas (USA) when he performed in Singapore. That was two years ago. Since then, my son has developed an interest in magic, especially with cards and the slide of hand. When we heard that another magician was in town, of course we had to go see him.

Cosentino is from Australia. His performances consists of regular slide-of-hand card tricks (the close up is shown live to the audiences on the two large screen monitors at the front of the stage) as well as classics magician acts like levitation and metamorphosis to the more heart-stopping stunts!

Cosentino Magic Show

Performing at the Mastercards Theatre at Marina Bay Sands, we were of course not allowed to film any of the stunts.  The first half of the act went by quickly as he enthralled us with familiar tricks and illusions. The second half was more exciting as he amped up the performances with more thrilling stunts. Here is a quick review of the best of Cosentino’s stunts during the performances:

1). He performed several Slide-of-Hand card tricks. (I know this because of my aspiring young magician.) We enjoyed the one where he invited a lady participant on stage to draw a goldfish, which he then subsequently made it come to live in her closed palms.

2) He also performed many of the Classic Performances like transforming a 5 dollar note  to $10 and or making a $50 marked with the signature of the owner disappear and then returning it to the rightful owner inside a fruit much later in the show.

3) Levitation Acts and acts that defy all logic are always intriguing to watch. I like that Cosentino tells us the history or origins of the acts before he performs it. Travelling through time and the ability to go through solid objects and disappearing into thin air are exciting acts that gathered lots of oohs and ahhhs.

Cosentino is well aware that magic is for everyone in the family. He picked a young child in th audience and made a bona-fide full-sized helicopter appear from a card trick. Now THAT IS IMPRESSIVE!!

4) Cosentino is known for his metamorphosis act. He claims that he and his female assistant holds the record in performing the fastest metamorphosis act. It was amazing how quickly they change roles and he appears among the audience at the end of the show.

5) Death-defying Acts that put you at the edge of your seats are by far the most captivating acts in a magician’s repertoire. You hold your breath as you watch the stunts and and pray for the magician’s safety. Cosentino performed an original trick he created called Smash.

With three witnesses from the audience watching him, Cosentino is strapped and bound to a chair. Anyone sitting in the chair is in the direct path of a 30-inch blade axe that weighs 35kg and will execute 100kg of brute force when released from its suspension. A tap connected to this contraption is turned on and water pours into a wash basin. Once it is filled, the weight of the filled basin will release the axe shattering anything or anyone in its path. He has to beat the clock and unlock padlock in under 2 mins (1min 40 seconds to be precise)!!

Next, he performed another death-defying act that is inspired by Harry Houdini himself. He was dubbed the Aussie Houdini but shared that he had not performed this trick after he was injured four years ago performing this very same trick.

Tonight, he would attempt this same water trap trick called Breathless for his Singapore audience. Strapped in a straits jacket, securely chained and bound by padlocks, he took deep breaths and immersed himself into a water-filled 16×16 glass fish tank. As the clock tick, the audience watched anxiously for his release.

…. And of course he does. Ending the night with a fanfare and a sigh of great relieve from the audience.


Shop Cosentino

We were disappointed that we did not get a chance to meet the magician as we had done so with Joe Labero. However, if you wanted something to remember the night by, you can always head to the shop to get some Cosentino souvenirs. The shop is open during intermission and at the end of the show.

Cosentino Magic Show

Check out these videos on Australia’s most prolific magician…

Keep your Tickets

If you have not had the chance to catch him, book your tickets quickly as there are only two days left to catch the show (the run ends on 27 August). If you did catch the show, remember to keep your tickets for 25% discount on the next shows.

Cosentino Magic Show

Marina Bay Sands offers a variety of entertainment for various audiences. Do check out their website for more information.

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