Children’s Season Masak Masak 2015

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The Children’s Season at the National Museum of Singapore returns with Masak Masak 2015. We had a really wonderful time exploring the museum and amusing ourselves at the interactive installations by Singaporean and international artists including Jeremy Hiah, Mademoiselle Maurice and Crystal Wagner.

Masak Masak 2015 (68)

Check out the Playground on the Lawn which have massive inflatable playgrounds reminiscent of the mosaic playgrounds found in the neighbourhoods in the 1970s and 80s.

Date: 30 May till 10 August 2015
Venue: National Museum of Singapore
Admission: FREE

1. Spectrum of Paper (France)

(Rotunda level 1, at the entrance of the museum)

A visual art by Mademoiselle Maurice, step into a rainbow wonderland at the Rotunda and immerse yourselves in a kaleidoscope of colourful, suspended origami boats and planes.

Masak Masak - Spectrum of Paper

Spectrum of Paper continues in the Salon (also on level 1) where a dazzling colours of origami flowers and animals in assorted sizes awaits. This installation is in response to the illustration from Jeanette Aw’s book, Sol’s World: Somebody to Love.

2. Sol’s World: Somebody To Love

(the Salon, Level 1)

Sol’s World: Somebody to Love is an exhibition based on Jeanette Aw’s book. Three different artists will give their interpretation of Aw’s book in the Salon.

a) Fun with Origami by Mademoiselle Maurice is an extension of the Spectrum of Paper (see above)

Transform a simple piece of paper into a work of art at this fun and interactive origami workshop! Get creative and be inspired by French artist Mademoiselle Maurice as she guides you and your young one in the intricate art of paper folding. For ages 4–7 years (accompanied by parent).

Masak - Sol's Journey various artists

With the artist, Mademoiselle Maurice… after you have folded the origami, you can place it in flight on one of the wall panels…

Masak - Sol's Journey

b) Queen of the Forest by Jeremy Hiah (Singapore)

Queen of the Forest is a puppetry performance by Jeremy Hiah uniquely told through the art of shadow puppetry. Together with your young one, be enthralled by master storyteller Jeremy Hiah as he recreates this enchanting tale of nature with lights, shadows and movement.

Date: Saturday & Sunday

  • May 30 & 31
  • June 13 & 14, 20 & 21
  • August 8 & 9 August

Time: 2.30pm Duration: 20min

c) Simple Pleasures in Life & Life’s Best Journey is with The One You Love by Jeanette Aw (Singapore)

Colour in the drawings and bring them to life with you kids at Simple Pleasures in Life and guide them as they discover what it means to be truly happy at  Life’s Best Journey is with The One You Love.

You can purchase Sol’s World: Somebody to Love (S$19) at the Museum Label shop located at level 1.

3. Garden Games

(Concourse, Level 1)

In this larger than life games, students from the School of The Arts (SOTA) Singapore recreate nostalgic games with a modern, outdoor twist.

Masak Masak 3

Before mobile phones, remember playing Hello, Hello? with tin can phones? Or test your coordination and teamwork in Can or Not? as you compete to throw hoops over the most number of cans.

Masak Masak 1

Introduce your kids to a game of eraser-flipping in Flag Attack!? (above) except this time, you use larger-than-life erasers and see who is crowned the champion! Plus, take on the Tilt! (below) and manoeuvre a ball through a vertical maze. Let’s see who can do it in the fastest time?

Masak masak Tilt

4. Memory Stations 

(Basement Canyon)

Take a walk down memory lane with your child and explore the intricate art of woodblock printing crafted by Singapore’s veteran artist Koeh Sia Yong and students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)! The artist uses woodblocks to reflect the changing geographical and social landscapes of Singapore via stamp and ink to share his memories with the younger generation. In this collaboration, Koeh mentors eleven NAFA students to create prints that captures moving stories of childhood memories and family life.

5. Wander Lust

(Basement Canyon)

A wonderful creation by Crystal Wagner (USA) which your kids will love to immerse themselves in this enchanting forest of earth’s many glorious landscapes. Explore narrow thicket passageways and crawl under overhanging branches created from simple daily materials!

6. Luma-City

(Level 3, Perform at Play@NMS)

Your kids will enjoy playing with these larger-than-life toy vehicles created by NUS Industrial Design. Watch their face light up with delight when they give the toys a little push and a stream of luminous magic forms a path of rainbow light…

Luma City

We were also fortunate to be allotted a slot at the last minute in the Joint Picture Joins Hearts event – an art therapy workshop by The Red Pencil.

Joint Picture Joins Hearts explores art as a form of creative expression through painting and drawing to facilitate communication between grandparents, parents and children. <Read more HERE>

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