Birthday Party @ Port of Lost Wonder

Port of Lost Wonder is a wonderful playtime waterpark for active children and a fantastic place to host a birthday party! Here’s why…

  1. You pay for the kids only — $10 (weekdays), $15 (weekends and holidays). Adults accompanying the children are granted free entry.
  2. It’s outdoors – there’s a huge space for the kids to run around and expend their boundless energy.
  3. It’s water play! All kids love water play.
  4. No worries about the weather. If it gets too hot, cool off under the water bucket or get your kids to spray water at you. If it rains, you are wet already anyways. The only reason to get indoors is if there are thunder and lightning.
  5. There are plenty of other activities for the kids other than the water play. (read on to find out)
  6. The food in the restaurant is good and reasonably priced.
  7. Celebration Island – that says it all, doesn’t it?
  8. It’s suitable for all ages of kids (up to 10 years old – they might find it boring unless they are there with friends.)
  9. The flexibility of Free and Easy Party (which is what we did) or enjoy great value for the POLW Wet ‘n’ Wild Party Package. 

We took advantage of the Children’s Day student holiday for local schools to celebrate our kids birthday at Port of Lost Wonder this year. At 10am on a lovely Friday morning, 20 kids and their accompanying adults met us at the gates of Lost Wonder.

A word of advice: BUY your tickets online early to ensure your entry. 

The kids came in their swimmers or changed into one. Once inside, the kids are off to play in this wet, wet wonderland.


At POLW, getting drenched and cooling off was not a problem. Playing games, filling up water balloons and anything the kids can think of…


Check out the list of programmes and activities organized at the waterpark for the kids to do on that day and take note of the timings.

Here’s a layout of the map of POLW.

Introduction and entertainment at the Parrot Show where kids can learn about these feathery friends and have a chance to interact with them.

The Bubble Pool – massive, massive fun!! BRING GOGGLES!

Munch & Shop

We really like the food at Port Belly Restaurant, even if it was just regular pasta and pizza. The manager was very helpful when we told him we were ordering for 20 kids and their parents – definitely one of our better experiences when coordinating a huge lunch party for kids.

He even stored our cake for us in their chill room. And simply made our entire experience with Port Belly a very enjoyable one.

I usually do not buy any souvenirs from a theme-park shop, locally or overseas. They are just more expensive. But the retail shop, Just Wonder at POLW, had some unique accessories and souvenirs – I just couldn’t help myself. It’s worth the time to check it out. Just Wonder is located next to the Port Bell Restaurant.

We brought in a Birthday Cake and stored it with the restaurant. The staff was really friendly and helpful with the food order and service, despite the fact we sat outside and away from the restaurant.POLW

Even in an outdoor theme-park, the kids found a way to play their digital games.

The staff is all decked out in pirates outfits. Gathering the kids together for one last game of treasure hunt before closing the park.

The boys partnered up in teams of two to participate in the treasure hunt.

POLW Treasure Hunt

We spent an entire day at the Port of Lost Wonder!

No wonder the kids fell into bed so quickly that night. Come to think of it, so did mom and dad!

Port of Lost Wonder is Singapore’s first kids’ club by the beach. It is located in Palawan Beach, Sentosa. Come play, learn, explore with them.

UPDATE 2017:

POLW is now known as Palawan’s Pirate Ship and is open to the public at no admission charge. In other words, it is FREE. You can still hold birthday parties there. Check out their website for more information. 

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