Lost And Found: Our Quest At SpongeBob Run Singapore

It began as a quest to locate Patrick, SpongeBob’s best friend at Nickelodeon’s first ever SpongeBob Run in Asia, but when you lose your daughter in a yellow sea of runners, you panic!

Here is what happened…

We arrived at Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa on an overcast Saturday afternoon. Thinking that the race might be about to begin, we hurried down the beachwalk only to find ourselves circumventing a string of new Pokemon-Go Trainers. Fortunately, we were early and had time to kill.

We were looking forward to our little afternoon adventure to locate Patrick, SpongeBob’s best friend who had gone missing, at the run and visit the iconic landmarks from the underwater city of Bikini Bottom where SpongeBob and his friends Krusty Krab and Squidward Tentacles resides.

At a quarter to five, we joined the sea of runners in bright yellow running T-shirts at the starting line. As you can see from the photo, the “Starting” point was way ahead and there were MANY runners. Thinking that I was doing my daughter a favour, I had earlier told her that if she wanted to, she could run ahead of me to look for Patrick. I then turned around to speak to one of the mom bloggers who were also on site to run. When I turned around, my girl was no where to be seen. Even though I knew that she was old enough to take care of herself, that sickened feeling you have when you do not know where your kid is sank its teeth into me and wouldn’t let go.

Sponge Bob (35)

The flag off took forever to begin. As the Emcee went on and on about SpongeBob, my mind took me to more troubling thoughts like this is an island; there are SO MANY people around!! Everyone wore yellow, she would be hard to spot. Also, as the Emcee kept alluding to the darkened skies and impending thunders and lightning, all I could think of was her safety!

On hindsight, I know these thoughts were irrational. But I could not stop the major panic mom meltdown moment from happening!! Her phone was with me, so there was no way for me to call her!! “WHERE IS SHE?” My mind screamed. It took every ounce of self-restrain not to start screaming her name like a mad woman in one of those Taiwanese dramas!!

FINALLY the run was flagged off. I rushed through the crowd as fast as I could, cursing myself for not having better stamina as I huffed and puffed my way to a halt barely 50 metres from the starting point. I tried speed walking with leaden legs through the crowd, periodically swearing internally at the Pokemon-Go hunters who posed obstacles in my way.

AT 3.5km, on the sandy beaches of Siloso Beach, I finally caught up with my missing girl! I fiercely demanded to know why she went missing. My poor girl looked at me innocently and said: “You told me I could run ahead. And so I did.”

Uh…ok, I cannot fault her. I did say those words. Okay, note to self: next time I give instructions to my kids, I have to be as specific as possible or they will take my words literally and act accordingly.

All’s well that ends well. Turns out she had squirreled her way to the front of the starting line so she could get a headstart in finding Patrick. While we did not find the “Patricks” memorabilia hidden in the sand, I was relieved that I could finish my run with my girl. Phew!!

Sponge Bob (16)

Here is our grand finish hug with Patrick.. And we were happy to see fellow mommy bloggers Edlyn (MummyEd), Serene (Xavy-licious), Jennifer (DinoMama), Shub (Rainbow Diaries) and Jenn from MyLilbookworm (not in the photo as she joined us later) with their kids. Of course, we must have our ubiquitous mommy blogger photo.

Sponge Bob (25)

Personal drama aside, this inaugural run was very chill. Here are some of the highlights:

1) No Hurry Kinda Run  

No one was in a hurry. There was an air of jovial leisure-ness to the run. There was no clock timing your race. You can run, jog, walk or stroll in any fashion you like. Many runners were parent-child pairs, boyfriend-girlfriend pairs or groups of friends running together. Due to the overcast weather, some runners made not-so-discreet U-turns towards the finish line while others saunter along casually. 

Sponge Bob Run Singapore
Photo Credit: SpongeBob Run Singapore

This is definitely not for serious runners. There were no pacers to encourage you along or water stations along the 5km run to keep you hydrated. Runners were more interested in catching Pokemons than chasing after SpongeBob and Patrick.

2) Pokemon-Go Hijacked The Run

The much awaited digital game Pokemon-Go Singapore version was launched the day before the run. Many runners were spotted with their eyes glued to their mobile phone screens to catch the Pokemon characters. See photos below of Pokemon-Go trainers in action.

Sponge Bob (66)

Sponge Bob Run Singapore
Photo Credit: SpongeBob Run Singapore

3) Beach Run

About 3km of the run is on the beach. For those of us who did not train on the beach, it makes running more arduous as our calf muscles have to work harder to run on the soft, uneven sandy surface. Most runners end up walking on the sandy stretch. We had sand in our shoes and kids were asking if they could take off their shoes and run on the beach. 

Sponge Bob (52)

It was hard to resist the opportunity to take selfies when the sea and beach provided such a beautiful backdrop for it. Despite the challenge of a sandy run and our initial “scare”, the run was a fun experience.

Sponge Bob (46)

We were however a little disappointed that the iconic landmarks from the underwater city of Bikini Bottom were just cut-outs for photography. I guess we were really hoping for something more grandiose.

SpongeBob Asian Run
Photo Credit: SpongeBob Run Singapore

Here is another triumphant that we completed together as mother and daughter.

Sponge Bob Run 2016

And LOVING the cute SpongeBob medals given out at the end of the race.

Sponge Bob (62a)

Thank you Nickelodeon and X-Change Republic for inviting us to participate in this fun run. Check out this link for more pictures of this run. This fun run is presented by X-Change Republic, a one-stop solution for sports and lifestyle brands with a presence in Singapore and Malaysia, who also organized notable in-house races such as YOLO Run and Diamond Dash.

To read more about the running events that we participated in, please click here.

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