Annie The Musical: Luckiest Girl In The World

“Mummy! Mummy!” a young Molly cried out in fear, tossing and turning in her bed.  She was shushed by the older girls in the dormitory, but could not be comforted. She quieted down only when a little redhead girl walked in.

YES! This is the opening scene of Annie The Musical.  And the girl playing Molly was none other than young Chloe from Kids Performing.

My grateful thanks to Amanda from Base Entertainment for arranging for us to catch Chloe’s performance in Annie The Musical. My daughter screamed with joy when I told her we were going to see Annie. “Will Chloe be there? Are we going to see her as Molly?” she asked as she excitedly picked out her dress for the occasion.

And Chloe was amazing as Molly.  She was spirited and energetic in her dances, said her lines clearly and was altogether a delight to watch.  She even had a solo bow at the end of the show before the other orphans joined her. The only other orphan with a solo bow was Annie!

When we auditioned for the role of Molly, we had no idea that Molly had so many lines.  Like many parents, including Chloe’s mum, Maria, we assumed that Molly will just be a supporting role as the youngest of the orphans.

“I had no idea that Molly’s role was such a big supporting part,” laughs Maria, adding that she was thankful that Chloe could say and perform her lines well.

Annie is possibly the luckiest girl in the world!

Albeit that it was a fictitious story, Annie is a heart-warming tale of a young orphan girl who had the good fortune to be introduced to Oliver Warbucks, a self-made billionaire who was himself, a child orphan. The story of Annie is multi-fold that touches on the tumultuous war-time and the life-changing relationship of Annie and “Daddy” Warbucks. We are touched by Annie’s optimism, which is contagious.

Annie also boasts spectacular sets, glorious costumes, a hilarious script and we LOVE  the adorable Golden Retriever, Sandy.

During the intermission, we decided to forego the snack and drinks section as it was crowded and made a beeline for the souvenir shop instead. Prices of the souvenirs ranged from S$20 for a programme to $30 for the T-shirts and stuff bears.

After the performance, Maria brought Chloe out to see Kyana so that we could have dinner together. Both Kyana and Chloe felt like they were the luckiest girls in the world!


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Editors Note: This is a sponsored event, thanks to Base Entertainment.

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