Aladdin The Musical: Show Me The World (Review)

Even though we have seen Disney’s Aladdin as an animation feature almost a decade ago, my kids and I were still excited when it returned this year not only as a movie production but as a musical theatrical production too. Here is our review of the latter on opening night.

The spectacular story of Aladdin, his romance, and his adventures with Princess Jasmine still mesmerized us, while familiar songs like “Friends like Me”, “A Whole New World”, and “Arabian Nights” transported us back into Aladdin’s world and the fabled city of Agrabah. Even after all this time, we could not resist the charms of Aladdin and root for his success with the princess and his battles against the evil Jafar.

We did not expect to enjoy the production as much as we did, because we already knew the story-line. But the performance was so wonderfully entertaining and fun that we were completely spellbound throughout.

Of all the characters, it was the Genie, played by Gareth Jacobs, who stole our hearts with his wit, his charisma, his voice and his fabulous song and dance performances. We LOVE everything about him. There will be NO spoiler alerts here. We suggest you catch the performance and decide for yourself…

Another part of the production we MUST gush about is the famous magical carpet ride! We had wondered how this will be carried out? It was done in such an ingenious manner that the audience went along on the magical carpet ride with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. What a beautiful experience!!! Again, you HAVE to experience it yourself to understand the beauty of technology and art.

Aladdin is brought to you by the same producers who gave us The Lion King. So you can be assured of the spectacular sets, mind-blowing special effects, lavish sparkly costumes and magical performances from the cast members Click on this link to catch a sneak peek of the show.

Ideal for Date-Nights

Aladdin is a wonderful performance to bring your spouse to on date-nights because it is essentially a love story between a boy and a girl. Reminiscing over your own love story after watching the production is sure to score you some romance points in the love department.

This is also an excellent production to bring your family, especially your kids or teenagers on your date-nights with them because this timeless story is packed with great morals to discuss with your sons and daughters.

For the young man in your family, share with him the strong qualities you see in him as a young man, and convey to him the importance to discover his own self-worth. Help him realize that you are his Genie who will guide him on his journey as he strives to become an upstanding young man. Share with him Aladdin’s trials and tribulations to make the right decisions and do right by the people he loves. And by being honest with Princess Jasmine about his background, and accepting himself for who he is, Aladdin strengthens his honor and worthiness to win Princess Jasmine’s heart and ultimately, his place as a royal prince.

For the princesses in your family, express your pride in her as she grows into the stellar young woman you know she is. And help her find her strengths to stand by her beliefs and realize her dreams.

Jasmine’s refusal to be cowered or manipulated by the men in her life (her father, Aladdin, Jafar) attest to the strength that we women possess. Encourage her to develop her interests and her mind; to be curious and be daring to ask for what she wants. Maybe someday, she will find her own Aladdin and show HIM the world.

Just For Fun, Make A Wish…

Before you leave the magical night behind, remember to rub on the lamp. You never know if a Genie might come out to grant you three wishes… If all else fails, visit the souvenir “cave” and bring home something to remember this magical night.

Ticketing and Show Information

Catch this hit broadway musical Aladdin from now till 1 Sep 2019 at Sands Theatre (Marina Bay Sands). Ticket prices range from $68 to $238.

Performance Times
Tuesday to Friday (730pm), Saturday (2pm & 7:30pm) and Sunday (1pm & 6:30pm)

Book your tickets at these venues:
Marina Bay Sands: http://entertainment.marinabaysands.com/events/aladdin0919
SISTIC: www.sistic.com.sg/events/aladdin0919
Marina Bay Sands Box Offices: www.MarinaBaySands.com (in-person)

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