Time Travelling Adventure: A Narrow Escape

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We attended a Preservation of Sites and Monuments (PSM) event on 14 June (Sunday) which began with an animated story telling session of the The Fearless Twins and the Magical Kaleido: A Narrow Escape

The story involved twins Toby and Tammy who found a Kaleidoscope – a time machine that could take them back to historical sites with the magical words: Baruhaba! Baruhaba! Baruhaba! 

This programme is a fun and engaging way to introduce Singapore’s historical buildings to the young. The 30-minute long presentation was told by a very animated story teller who shared about historic sites. I was amazed that she could hold the kids’ attention for so long. Bravo to her!!


But, finally it was time to get on the time machine ourselves and set off on an adventure! This is the mock version of the Kaleidoscope! The kids brought along their cousin visiting from overseas on this time-travelling mission!

A Narrow Escape

Fortunately, our “time machine” was a much more comfortable, air-conditioned modern transport.

Bus Journey

Mission 1

Our first stop was at The Peranakan Museum. Did you know that this was the former site of Tao Nan School? 

Our mission was to find the following artefact, photographed it and show it to our team leader! Then, we will receive our next clue! Very quickly, we accomplished our mission!

Mission 1

With time to spare, it just happened that there was a troupe of Nonya dancers performing a traditional Malay dance. The kids were invited to join in.

A Narrow Escape (124)

The Kaleidoscope is ready for take off. Onward to our second mission!

Mission 2

We arrived at what we know as Telok Ayer Street. And the kids were immediately enthralled by the puzzle…What was Telok Ayer Street previously?

A Narrow Escape (146)

Following the clues given by the three places of worship along the street — Al-Abrar Mosque, Thian Hock Keng Temple and Nagore Daroah Mosque, the kids discovered that Telok Ayer Street was one of the oldest streets in Singapore and that it used to be a SHORE!

Thian Hock Keng Temple

PSM is a Division of the National Heritage Board. Thank you for taking us on this interesting and eye-opening journey!

Tell us in the comments below where you will travel to if you have a time machine and do connect with US on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

Till our next post, love yourself, love one another.

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