A Super Fun Run With Justice League Heroes

Sunday is usually a day that we sleep in. But yesterday (a Sunday), our whole family got up before 7am and donned on our Superheroes outfits to run with the Justice League heroes.

Getting to our destination was a feat in itself. First, we were met with road blocks at every turn as the OCBC Cycle was on and much of the expressway were closed for this race. We had to find alternative routes to get to the State of Fun (Sentosa) and that took a longer time than we expected.

When we got onto the island, there were no parking available, so we had to park at a much further parking area. Luckily for us, we were picked up by the Sentosa “buses” who were making rounds on the island to pick up stray superheroes like us. Finally, we arrived at our destination, Sentosa’s Interim Carpark and the first wave of runners were being flagged off at 8am. We went to join the queue of Batmans, Green Lanterns, Wonder Women and Flashes. It was a very looooooong queue.

We decided to take advantage of the absence of crowd at the photography sites to have some fun while we waited for the queue to subside.

Justice League Running Event

How does Superman do it? The meteors are so heavy!!

Fun Run Justice League Superhero

By the time we rejoined the queue, we were in the last wave to take off. Perhaps that was a blessing in disguise as the initial terrain was a bit steep with uphills and curvy paths and with fewer people to jostle with the kids, we were able to have a smoother run. This Wonder Woman and Batman duo were grateful that there were fewer witnesses to see us panting our way uphill.  Haha…

Fun Run Justice League Superhero

At the onset, we had told the kids to run ahead and we will meet them at the Finish Line. Soon after we started running, I realised that my son had run ahead of us. I worried that I had not reminded him to hydrate himself at the water stations, and I tried to catch up with him, but he was way ahead. My hubby assured me he will be fine.

Later I caught sight of him at the divide — we were at the 3km mark and he was already running his last kilometre at the homestretch to the finishing line.  He shared with me later that he had a strategy to manage his run. He would run for  three minutes and walk for two. When I asked him how did he time himself, he told me he used his music to guide him. Ahhh…  So that’s why he prepared his handphone and earphones the night before. 

Fun Run Justice League Superhero

More than being a proud parent that he finished the race in an organized and timely fashion, I am most proud that he had a strategy to manage his run.  My husband and I have been coaching him on the skills sets of goal setting, preparation and having a plan of actions to achieve his goals/outcome. So it was a real treat to see him implementing these skill sets during this run.

Part of me is super happy that he is being so grown up, while another part of me is secretly whining: “When did my little boy grow up so quickly?” I was also very gratified to see my hubby and daughter running hand in hand and encouraging each other to to keep going. I hope this might be the start of a beautiful relationship — father and daughter running.

Father Daughter Run

I have to confess that I was having so much fun meeting fellow superhero bloggers and friends that I kinda forgot about running. First I met the Cheekie Monkies family, then The Perfect Father family, then Hui Ing and her kids from Ingspirations and my friend Jaclyn. It really sort of became a social run for me. I was having fun chatting and taking selfies.

Fun Run Justice League Superhero

Run Kyana run! There is  a boogie man behind you!!

Fun Run Justice League Superhero

Nope, just a very nice guy in a mask who was sporting enough to enact this scene with us. Thank you, man in the mask, I don’t know how you ran the race in the heat with your mask on, but thank you anyway.

Running with dad may be fun, but running with friends is even more fun! Ashton, one of Kelvin’s Cheekiemonkies and Kyana became running pals to finish their final stretch together.

Fun Run Justice League Superhero

What a great start to a Sunday morning! It was not the easiest run to navigate and I was really proud of all the kids who finish the race on their own and the parents who used their superhuman strength to carry some of their kids across to the finish line.

We entered the race because we are fans of the Justice League Superheroes. Who would have guessed that residing in each of us are essence of the superheroes that we revere. We all finished the Justice League race a superhero!

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