Let’s Have Fun Eating Together @ The Manhattan Fish Market

Have you ever dined in the middle of a shopping mall?

Yesterday, the kids and I were at Marina Square when we were stopped by a beautiful woman and invited to dinner hosted by The Manhattan Fish Market. I thought this might be a teachable moment in spontaneity and not one to turn down what sounds like a potentially fun event, we said “Yes!”

Initially, we thought that dinner would take place in the restaurant in the revamped Dining Edition of Marina Square. But we were pleasantly surprised to be ushered to a full-fledged dining table set for ten in the middle of the mall.

Manhattten Fish Market New Menu
Dining Table set in the Mall.

 We sat down with complete strangers. And had an absolutely AWESOME time!

Among the many fun and friendly guests, we met Esther (the lady who invited us to dinner), a keyboard and vocal teacher at ThunderRock, Matthew, an executive at Yamaha Music School and Daniel, an affable talented young man who regaled us with stories and interesting questions.

There were lots of laughter as strangers became acquainted over a lovely meal. I was really proud of my kids, especially my son for being able to hold his own when Esther and Daniel directed the conversation at him.

Manhattten Fish Market New Menu
The kids with the beautiful woman who invited us to dinner…
Manhattten Fish Market New Menu
I had the good fortune to sit across the table from these boys – Daniel, Matt, Shaf and David the guitarist in the background, who made me laugh throughout dinner.

We were having so much fun that I forgot I was in the middle of the mall and that we were being filmed! One of the reason was the local band, Lorong Boys whose festive and upbeat music kept us all in high spirits. Their youthful energy was infectious and we were completely charmed by their music and personalities. Only three members of the band were present thought —  Rit on the flute, David on the violin and Jonathan on the guitar (I hear he is a fantastic pianist too).

Manhattten Fish Market New Menu
Heartbreakers – Rit, Daniel and Jonathan from Lorong Boys!

The Lorong Boys also very gamely accepted our song requests and played contemporary as well as rock and roll numbers. See how enthralled my daughter is with David and his violin. These students at the Music Conservatory were really good. Check them out on Facebook and this Youtube video.

My little girl being serenaded for the first time by David on the violin.
My little girl being serenaded for the first time by David on the violin.

Now, let’s talk about the NEW Menu!

The food was DELICIOUS! We were served Oyster Roulette, spicy oysters served in a shot glass, Onion Glory, yummy crispy onion petals with creamy sauce on the side, Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter, Fishy Chicky Bang Bang and Curry Hill Seafood. The food was unbelievably yummy, yummy, yummy!

Check out the video to see some of the dishes mentioned above. I highly recommend this new menu by Manhattan Fish Market.

We ended the evening on a high note and took some photos as a keepsake for this spontaneous night. Jonathan and David were very generous with their time and musical advice, even letting my son, a budding guitarist fiddle a little on Jonathan’s acoustic guitar.

Manhattten Fish Market (46)

Many thanks to Esther for inviting us to dinner and a fun evening! And most of all, thanks to Manhattan Fish Market for the wonderful experience of being a part of your video! We had so much fun and look forward to dining at your restaurant again.

Manhattten Fish Market (39a)

Let us know what you think of the food at Manhattan Fish Market in the comments below. And if you have another good restaurant to recommend, go ahead and share with us. Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter for giveaways, new posts, or more sharing.

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