Chicken Fillet Your Kids Will LOVE

A couple of weeks back, my kids invited some friends home for lunch. We served them this chicken fillet dish along with fried rice and steamed vegetables. It was such a hit with the kids their parents called to ask for the recipe. So I thought I will share it here.

Chicken Fillet (14)

It is one of the easiest dishes to replicate and takes no time at all. Needless to say, this is one of my kids’ favourite dishes.


  • chicken fillets

  • 1 large egg

  • bread crumbs

  • 125g all-purpose flour

How To Cook It:

1. Marinate the chicken fillet with salt and pepper for about 10 mins.

Chicken Fillet

2. Heat up the saucepan with sufficient oil for deep frying.

3. Coat both sides of the fillet with a layer of flour, followed by a dip in the egg mixture, then another coat of bread crumbs.Chicken Fillet (11a)

4. Place the fillets into the heated oil. Be careful of the oil splatter.

Chicken Fillet (8)

5. Let one side cook for about 1.5 minutes, then turn it over to the other side for about 2 minutes. The fillet should turn lightly brown.

Chicken Fillet (13)

6. Serve and enjoy

Chicken Fillet (14)

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Meiling Wong

Meiling is a Singaporean mom who loves spending time with her 2 kids until they ditch her for slime-making and digital gaming. These days, she keeps herself busy trying to keep up with the social media while still contemplating if she should learn how to play "Clash Royale".

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