Bonjour!! French Milk Leader Régilait Arrives In Singapore

Milk is not my favourite drink. I drink it to fulfill my calcium needs, usually in my daily morning coffee and perhaps an occasional milkshake when I feel the whim to do so. As you can guess, I am probably NOT meeting my daily calcium requirement.

The thought of drinking Anlene at my age was kind of depressive. I don’t want to drink old people milk (sorry mom and dad!) So when I received the media invite announcing the arrival of a new milk brand for adults, my interest was piqued.

At the media launch of Régilait, a French leader in milk products, their nutritionist consultant reminded me that “everyone needs calcium, especially if you are over 30 years old (that’s me)those who are active in sports (not exactly me) and women experiencing menopausal – usually those in their 50s (definitely NOT me).”

Having tasted the milk, here are THREE reasons I will recommend it to you.

1) Régilait is 100% real pure cow’s milk, with no fillers added, no maltodextrins and really rich in proteins.

What excites me about Régilait is the authenticity of the milk. The French dairy cooperative prides itself on having full control over the entire chain of milk production — from procurement at farms to manufacturing of the final products, offering full traceability and quality.

Watch this Régilait video to see the full process.

Régilait products are authentic in meeting the different nutritional requirements of our day-to-day health.

The milk is suitable for consumption by everyone from ages 3 and up. Between 1 to 3 years old, the toddlers have specific needs and they can start drink standard cow’s milk as long as it’s included in a balanced diet.

Regilait Milk.

  • Régilait CALCIUM PLUS, your partner for strong bones

Strongly recommended for people who suffers from osteoporosis or women who wishes to build up on their calcium intake. This milk product contains an optimal composition of calcium, proteins, vitamin D and phosphorus that allows calcium to be easily absorbed in the bone when consumed. It is fat-free, so that is another plus. Drink two glasses to meet your daily calcium needs.

  • Régilait CALORIE REDUCED, your partner for slimming

Another fat-free product is Régilait Calorie Reduced which is ideal for consumers who are looking to lose or maintain their weight. This is also highly recommended for diabetics or consumers with high cholesterol. One glass of Regilait Calorie Reduced contains only 89 kcal!

  • Régilait LOW FAT, your partner for a balanced diet

Don’t want to buy multiple milk powders? Régilait Low Fat is ideal for the WHOLE family. With a fine creamy taste all your family members will enjoy, this tasty semi-skimmed cows’ milk contains 14% more calcium and 25% less saturated fat than a regular dried milk, but preserves all of the nutritional qualities of the milk (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein, vitamins B1, B2, B9 and B12) to ensure the essential nutrients are properly distributed for normal cell division and replication and formation of red blood cells.

  • Régilait MULTI-VITAMINS, your partner for vitality

For those who are always on the move – travelling or with an active lifestyle, Régilait Multi-vitamins contain eight vitamins: A, D3, C, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12 to boost your immune system and ensure overall physical health.

2) Régilait is 100% easy to dissolve in HOT and COLD water thanks to their unique granulation process.

Regilait Milk Powder

3) Régilait Can Be Used As An Ingredient In Your Cooking & Baking

Beyond milk enjoyment, the powder can be mixed with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It can also be used as an ingredient in desserts or dishes.

At the media launch, we watched as Chef Lisa Leong prepares for us her famous Curry Ayam Indo with her Dancing Chef Indonesian Curry Paste accompanied by an assortment of milkshakes. All the milk ingredients are from Régilait.

Regilait (61)

Curry Ayam Indo Regilait

Here is Chef Lisa sharing how to make a delightful banana milkshake.

Regilait (8)

The Verdict: Its a TWO thumbs UP for Régilait

CLICK HERE to access the recipes Curry Ayam Indo, Milkshakes (banana, chocolate & strawberry) and Milk Scones.

Régilait has been awarded the Healthier Choice and Halal certifications in Singapore.  It is available at selected NTUC FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage at $22 .

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Till our next post, love yourself, love one another.


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